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  1. 16th Alabama Infantry Regiment
  2. 3rd Arkansas Comapny A (Reserved)
  3. 8th Alabama Company I- "The Emerald Guards"
  4. 4th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment Company A
  5. ◎ The Palmetto Sharpshooters Regiment "Johnson Rifles" - Company D
  6. 1st North Carolina Battalion Sharpshooters - Company A
  7. 5th Georgia Volunteers, Company A, "Clinch Rifles"
  8. 11th Mississippi Infantry Co. G "Lamar Rifles" NA
  9. 14th Tennessee Infantry Regiment Company A
  10. 1st Texas Infantry - Company F "Woodville Rifles"
  11. 3rd Kentucky Infantry A Company
  12. ♣ 24th Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Company H "The Currahee Rangers" ♣ EU/NA
  13. 52nd GA Volunteer Infantry Co. K
  14. 1st Virginia Infantry Battalion - Companies C and D (Irish)
  15. 33rd Virginia Company A "Potomac Guards"
  16. 19th Tennessee Infantry Company A
  17. 2nd Geogia Company G "Columbus Guards"
  18. 2nd Virginia Infantry Regiment - Company A "Jefferson Guards"
  19. 50th Georgia Volunteers Co. G "Clinch Volunteers"
  20. 19th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment Co.A "Monticello Guard"
  21. 26th North Carolina Regiment - Companies A and G
  22. 7th Georgia Infantry Regiment, Company H "Roswell Guards"
  23. 1st South Carolina Rifle Regiment A: "the Keowee Riflemen"
  24. 1st South Carolina Rifle Regiment Company C: "The Mountain Boys"
  25. 9th Texas Field Battey 'Lamar' - 'Daniel's Battery'
  26. 2nd South Carolina Volunteer Infantry Regiment - Company I - Palmetto Guards
  27. 10th Tennessee Infantry "Sons of Erin" Company A
  28. 12th North Carolina Infantry "The Bayonet Brothers" - Company A
  29. 1st Polish Regiment "Panna Maria Gray's" Company A
  30. 1st Virginia Infantry Regiment - Company A
  31. Piccadilly County Sharpshooters
  32. 15th Alabama Infantry - Company E
  33. 5th Louisiana Infantry - Company A. "Crescent City Guards"
  34. Bill Forrest's Scouts [Recruiting]
  35. 5th Alabama Battalion Co. B, Calhoun Sharpshooters
  36. 11th Texas Infantry - Company A ("Engledow's Texas Rebels")
  37. 2nd Maryland Volunteer Infantry (The Maryland Line) - Co. A & Co. B
  38. 1st Tennessee Infantry - Company A (NA/EU)
  39. 27th Virginia Volunteer Infantry - Company D
  40. 1st Texas Infantry Company H [AU]
  41. 8th Alabama - Company C - "Alex Stephen's Guards"
  42. 8th Mississippi Infantry Regiment - 1st Battalion - Co. A, B & C (AU/NZ)
  43. 33rd Virginia Co. D "Mountain Rangers" (NA)
  44. 22nd South Carolina Infantry Co. A "Edgefield Rifles"
  45. 1st South Carolina Rifle Regiment , Co. H Orr's Rifles (EU/NA)
  46. Crenshaw battery[NA] Realism
  47. 26th Virginia Infantry Regiment - Company A (The York River Rifles)
  48. 1st South Carolina Infantry Regiment, Co. I Richardson Guards
  49. 57th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment Company A
  50. 28th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment
  51. 1st Charleston Infantry - Company A - C
  52. 40th Virginia Infantry Regiment - Company C
  53. 1st South Carolina Rifles Companies K and L (EU)
  54. 1st LA Zouave Battalion Co. B - "Louisiana Tigers"
  55. 21st Mississippi Infantry ~ 1st Battalion, Company D & Company E
  56. 1st South Carolina Artillery, Company A "Irish Pounders"
  57. 8th Virginia Infantry - Company F "Blue Mountain Boys" | Milsim
  58. 33rd Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment, 1st Battalion, Company K
  59. Company F, 8th Alabama Infantry
  60. 10th Louisiana Infantry Company G, Orleans Rangers
  61. 46th North Carolina Infantry, Company A - "The Duplin Rifles"
  62. 1st Louisiana Zouaves Infantry Battalion ''Coppens Zouaves '' Company C
  63. 1st Texas Infantry - Company L "Lone Star Rifles"
  64. 27th VA Infantry Regiment "The Bloody 27th" Now Recruiting!
  65. 18th Louisiana Infantry Batallion , Company A French
  66. 8th Florida Infantry Company A & B
  67. Co. C (Columbia Grays) 2nd Regiment SC Infantry (2nd Palmetto Infantry)
  68. 2nd South Carolina Infantry, Company E "The Camden Volunteers"
  69. 4th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment Company A
  70. 5th Virginia Co K
  71. 1st Texas Infantry Co. A "Marion Rifles"
  72. South Carolina Volunteers, Charleston Rifles & Union Lights
  73. 1st Texas Volunteer Infantry, Company H "Texas Guard"
  74. "Battery I "Durham Devils" & Company E "Darkhorse Dragoons" Horse Artillery & Cavalry
  75. 6th Alabama Co I & D Raccoon Roughs
  76. 11th Mississippi Infantry Co. C
  77. 4th Alabama Infantry - Co. A, E & F - NA
  78. Quantrill's Raiders
  79. 1st Texas Infantry COMPANY I - CROCKETT SOUTHRONS
  80. 12th South Carolina Company A
  81. 42nd Texas German light artillery Company
  82. 7th Tennessee Calvary Company H= 7thTNC
  83. Louisiana Washington Artillery
  84. 33rd Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment, 1st Battalion, Companies A, B & K [EU]
  85. The Richmond Howizters
  86. 4th Virginia Infantry Regiment, 1st Battalion, Co. A, B ,C, D [EU][SPANISH]
  87. 15th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry, Co. C, "Lexington Guards"
  88. 34th Tennessee Infantry Company K
  89. 1st Virginia Brigade(Stonewall Brigade)
  90. 42nd Texas rifles Company A
  91. 6th North Carolina State Troops, Company I, "The North Carolina Grays"
  92. Hamptons Legion Companies A, D, Cav A, and Washington Artillery
  93. The 34th North Carolina - Company D "Oakland Guards"
  94. The Louisiana Washington Artillery - Co. A. B.
  95. 1st Texas Co. E "Marshall Guards" + 17th Texas Field Battery "Stafford's Co."
  96. 18th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Companies A, C, D, F, G, H, and I
  97. 18th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Companies A and F
  98. 1st Virginia Volunteer Cavalry Regiment - Company A
  99. 1st Virginia Batallion ( Companies A & B )
  100. B Company, 40th Virginia Infantry [Recruiting NA]
  101. 1st GA Company B "Jasper Irish Greens" (WIP)
  102. Co. B, 8th La. and German Yagers Co. I, 22nd La
  103. 15th Tennessee Co. A
  104. 10th Louisiana Infantry, Co. A.
  105. 6th Texas Volunteer Infantry - Companies A and B
  106. 19th Virginia Volunteer Infantry, 1st Battalion, Companies B & C [EU/TR]
  107. 1st Battalion, 47th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment
  108. 8th Alabama Company K "Southern Guards"
  109. 5th Texas Infantry Company A - "Bayou City Guards"
  110. 4th Texas Infantry, Company C "Robertson Five Shooters"
  111. Jeff Davis Cavalry Legion (Mississippi) Co. A
  112. 42nd Virginia Companies A and B, Terry's Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia
  113. 11th Alabama Infantry Regiment - Company A.
  114. 2nd Virginia Cavalry, E Troop "The Amherst Mounted Rangers"
  115. 7th Louisiana Infantry Regiment - Co. F "Irish Volunteers"
  116. Alleghany Artillery (Carpenter's Battery)
  117. 1st Texas Infantry - Company I "Crockett Southerns"
  118. 1st Texas Infantry - Company E "Marshall Guards" (European)
  119. 27th NC Company D
  120. 21st Virginia - Company A "Red House Volunteers"
  121. 3rd Virginia Infantry company B
  122. 18th North Carolina Infantry, Company A "The German Volunteers"
  123. 50th Georgia Company C, "Coffee County Guards"
  124. 38th North Carolina Company F "The Sulphur Wildcats" [FIN]
  125. 24th Georgia Co.A The Independent Volunteers
  126. 15th Alabama Company G "McGrangus Legion"
  127. 1st Georgia "Jasper Irish Greens"
  128. 3rd Virginia Infantry, A Company
  129. 22nd North Carolina, Company B
  130. Irish Battalion / 1st Virginia Battalion Company A
  131. 19th Virginia Infantry Company B: "The Albemarle Rifles"
  132. 55th Virginia Co. A
  133. 8th Virginia Infantry Regiment, Co.H - "The Potomac Greys"
  134. 1st SC Infantry (1st Provisional Army) Company C - Richland Guards
  135. 1st Texas Infantry, Company D "Apache Rifles"
  136. 4th South Carolina Battalion Company D "Princetown Guard"
  137. 1st. South Carolina Infantry, Company A "Gregg's Guards"
  138. 5th Alabama Battalion Co.C - Whites Plains Rangers
  139. 2nd Florida Company A
  140. fasd
  141. 4th Texas Infantry Regiment Co. E "The Lone Star Guards"
  142. Crenshaw's Battery - Battery A
  143. Lord John's 27th Virginia Company A
  144. 12th South Carolina Co. F
  145. 50th Georgia Company A, "Satilla Rangers"
  146. 7th Tennessee Company K "15thTN"
  147. 5th Texas Company I
  148. 17th Virginia Cavalry - Company A
  149. 12th South Carolina Company G
  150. Fredericksburg Artillery - Braxton's Battery A
  151. 5th Alabama Company A
  152. Bty A, Jeff Davis Alabama Artillery
  153. South Carolina, Hampton's Legion Co.A
  154. 12th North Carolina Company I
  155. Richmond Howitzers 1st Company (Battery A)
  156. 38th North Carolina Company H - "The Uwharrie Boys"
  157. 6th Virginia Company A Cavalry
  158. 15th South Carolina, Co. C "Lexington Guards"
  159. 8th Florida Company A
  160. The 56th Virginia Company A
  161. 2nd Virginia Cavalry Company A [Recruitment]
  162. 9th Louisiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment- Company A [NA]
  163. 8th Florida Infantry Company D. [NA/EU]
  164. 11th Mississippi Infantry, Company B, "Coahoma Invincibles"
  165. 47th Virginia Infantry, Company E
  166. 1st Virginia Company D "The Old Dominion Guard"
  167. 8th Louisiana Company A
  168. 2nd MS Co A (Tishomingo Riflemen)
  169. 3rd Arkansas Company I "The Tulip Rifles"
  170. 15th South Carolina, Co. I "Dutch Fork Guards"
  171. 16th Virginia Company A
  172. 3rd Arkansas Company C — "The Confederate Stars"
  173. 1ST Virginia D company
  174. 1st Texas Infantry, Company B
  175. 24th Georgia Company B
  176. First Virginia Cavalry Company A "Newtown Light Dragoons"
  177. 1° Corpo de Voluntários Sul Americanos, Batalhão Duque de Caxias (SA)
  178. 24th Georgia, Company A
  179. Baltimore Artillery
  180. Dixie Artillery
  181. 1st Virginia Battalion, Company C "IRISH"
  182. 5th Virginia Company A
  183. 1st Georgia Company C "Rough Riders"
  184. The 1st Texas Company D Is Looking For Volunteers
  185. 25th or 31st VA Infantry mustering....interest?
  186. Companhia brasileira (somente falantes do portugues) Voluntarios sul americanos
  187. 1st Texas Regiment, Company D (Star Rifles) WIP
  188. 1st North Carolina Co. A
  189. 1st Louisiana Company A (German)
  190. 93rd (Sutherland Highlanders) Regiment of Foot - Middle Section - Thin Red Line
  191. North Carolina Sharpshooters Co.C
  192. 6th Louisiana Company A "Italian Guards"
  193. 21st Mississippi F-Co
  194. 2nd Mississippi, Company A - (The Tishomingo Riflemen)
  195. 13th Virginia Comp B (Culpeper Minutemen)
  196. 18th Mississippi Infantry Regiment | Company A
  197. 3rd South Carolina Company H "the Dutch"
  198. 6th Texas Infantry (NA) [Recruiting]
  199. 5th Texas Infantry Company D
  200. 5th Texas Infantry Company D (Recruiting)
  201. Coppens (First Louisiana Zouaves) Battalion Company D (French-speaking) [EU]
  202. 5th Texas Company K
  203. 24th Georgia Company A Roster
  204. Cobb's Legion (GA) - Company C - Georgia Troopers - The Grey Ghosts (NA/EU)
  205. 47th Virginia Infantry - Company E
  206. 6th Louisiana Company A
  207. French Legion Company
  208. 6th Alabama Company A
  209. 8th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry Co. A "Darlington Rifles"
  210. 1st North Carolina Battalion Sharpshooters - Company C
  211. 15th Alabama, Company G "henry Pioneers"
  212. 4th Texas Company B
  213. 14th Virginia Infantry - F Company
  214. 11th Mississippi Infantry Co. A "University Greys"
  215. 15th Alabama Companies G / H / I
  216. 12th Virginia Cavalry Company A
  217. 2nd Florida, Company B looking for men to take up arms!
  218. 1st South Carolina Rifles, B Company. McDuffie Rifles/Abbeville Minutemen
  219. 2nd Mississippi Company F "Magnolia Rifles"
  220. 1st Georgia Company B
  221. 14th Tennessee Co. G
  222. 6th Louisiana Tigers Company B
  223. 6th Louisiana Tigers Company B
  224. 2nd Georgia Infantry , CO. G. "The Columbus Guards"
  225. 6th Alabama Volunteers "Red Right Hand" - 2nd Battalion - Co. H & K"
  226. 15th Alabama Infantry Company A "Cantey's Rifles"
  227. 21st North Carolina Company A
  228. 4th Georgia Infantry Company K - Sumter Light Guard GER/EU/NA
  229. 14th Alabama Volunteer Infantry, Co. A-C
  230. 3rd Alabama Infantry Company A "Mobile Cadets"
  231. Madison Light Artillery "Moody's Battery"
  232. 26th Alabama Infantry Company A.
  233. 11th Regiment Alabama Infantry
  234. 16th Virginia Company A
  235. 61st Virginia Company A
  236. 9th Alabama Company A.
  237. Donaldsonville Artillery [LA(Bat.A)] (NA)