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Thread: War of Rights - Patch Notes

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    War of Rights - Patch Notes

    March 26th - Update 49 (released)

    - Added LeMat revolver to CSA officers (press 2 to change to buckshot (no animation for this yet)).
    - Updated officer frock coats.
    - Updated sack coats.
    - Character material adjustments.
    - Updated global illumination & screen space directional occlusion settings.
    - Altered glass material settings in order to avoid players shooting glass crashing the server.

    March 18th - Update 48 (released)

    - Characters produce sounds when hit by bullets and when vaulting over fences, you can currently only hear yourself doing it.
    - Readded breathing sounds when low on stamina. Still work in progress.
    - Fixed wierd revolver animation while moving.
    - Firing buck and ball ammunition, only affects the screen effects and tinitus as 1 shot, previously it counted as 4 shots.
    - There is a greater chance now that if the game does crash, it wont kill your entire computer, forcing you to reboot.
    - Forum moderators can now also kick players on official WoR servers as well as change the time of day.

    March 15th - Update 47 (released)

    - Readded blood effects and sounds when players gets hit.
    - Tweaked the lighting a bit, making it look slightly more natural with less blue fog.
    - Fixed an issue with 1st Texas.

    March 11th - Update 46 (released)

    - Reloading while moving no longer causes an animation glitch.
    - 1st Texas have been re-added.
    - Fixed an issue where 114th Pennsylvania were spawning with the Sharps Rifle.
    - Fixed an issue where 1st North Carolina were spawning as 2nd Mississippi.
    - When aiming continuously for a long time, the character will struggle to aim by the weight of the weapon.
    - The amount of noise needed for tinnitus to kick in has been increased.
    - The voice chat may be more reliable in this build.
    - Inscreased rifle repositioning time following a discharge.

    Video showcasing the weight of the weapon pulling the sights off target when aiming for long periods of time without compensating for the pull using the mouse.

    March 9th - Update 45 (released)

    - This build contains some changes which is supposed to greatly reduce crashes when joining a server.
    - Flags will no longer reset their animation and appear static.
    - Improved salute, enter kneel and kneel aim animations.
    - Other players can now see in which direction you are looking when you are in Melee Mode without bayonet, kneel idle, inplace rest and parade rest.
    - Introduced flinching when bullets pass by & when being close to weapons discharging.
    - New sound when swinging the rifle.
    - Temporarily removed telegraph wires and bayonet drill sandbags from the drill camp.
    - Updated officer frock coats.
    - This build also contains some currently disabled features for the upcoming Skirmish release.

    February 13th - Update 44 (released)

    - Fixed the fully automatic Springfield M1861

    February 11th - Update 43 (released)

    - Improved the reload animation of the Sharps Rifle.
    - The muzzle velocities of weapons is now based on historical figures.
    - The Springfield M1842 now has a Buck and Ball ammunition option (Can be toggled by pressing 2, it will be active after the next reload).
    - The bullet that is fired out of the weapons which you may get a glimpse of if you are fired upon, now actually looks like the type of ammo the weapon is firing. So a Springfield M1861 fires a miniéball, a revolver fires a pistolball, a Whitworth fires a hexagonal bullet and a Springfield M1842, loaded with Buck and Ball, fires multiple balls.
    - Fixed an issue where officers couldnt select their revolver.
    - Added updated frock coats for Privates and NCO's - Officers to follow.

    Known issues
    - The shooting range doesnt display the Buck and Ball shot, properly

    February 6th - Update 42 (released)

    - Optimized character models which should result in a significant performance increase with many characters on the screen.
    - Fixed an issue where rifles could sometimes, not be reloaded.

    February 3rd - Update 41 (released)

    - First person reload while kneeled has been improved.
    - Starting to aim immediately after a reload, now looks better.
    - Starting to aim when entering/exiting melee mode looks better.
    - Added ready stance idle animation.
    - It is now possible to move around at the Ready stance. But if you do it for more than 1 second at a time, the character will automatically enter Shoulder Arms.
    - When aiming while moving, the rifle will sway a little extra make it more difficult to aim.
    - Added arms & weapon animations while freelooking.
    - Vegetation has recieved a major improvement in terms of performance and you should see a raise between 2-10 fps depending on your hardware configuration, the direction you look and where you are.

    February 1st - Update 40 (released)

    - Fixed a glitch in the new melee mode with no bayonet attached where the player might hold the weapon behind his head.
    - The kneel reload animations have been improved.
    - New leg/feet animations for movement in meleemode.
    - Added extra dirty trouser variants.
    - Fixed an issue where the character might attempt to attach the wrong bayonet type onto the rifle.
    - Written chat messages can now contain 196 characters instead of the previous 128 characters.
    - Fixed a rare crash when starting to aim with the weapon.
    - Possible fix for an issue where the fps could sometimes drop to about 20% of what you usually would get.

    Known issues
    - Joining a server may cause the game to crash. There is a good chance that if you try joining it enough times, you will eventually get in. We are currently working on a fix.

    January 29th - Update 39 (released)

    - Reduced the crashes when joining a server
    - The bayonet now gets fixed properly for other players
    - Fixed an issue where the weapon would sit incorrectly in the hand

    January 28th - Update 38 (released)

    - Upgraded to CRYENGINE 5.3 which should result in a more stable game. Full CRYENGINE 5.3 patchnotes at:
    - Updated revolvers: Colt 1847 Walker, 1849 Pocket, 1851 Navy & 1860 Army models and textures.
    - Introduced a gameplay options tab containing FOV slider, mouse sensitivity & dynamic depth of field option.
    - Updated the background of the menu with screenshots of the technical alpha (if you want a chance of having your screenshot featured in a future update, please make sure to submit your greatest screenshots over at: ) as well as added two additional tracks to randomly be played.
    - Began updating uniforms using a newly acquired cloth creation tool as well as adding a dirt layer on the various pieces of uniforms as they get updated (in an effort to get a more ragged/dirty looking rebel army). First updated uniform pieces are the shell jackets.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ragged_rebel_before_after.jpg 
Views:	299 
Size:	561.8 KB 
ID:	5355

    - Added dirty variants of trousers.
    - Reverted drill camp map back to late summer edition.
    - Added new bullet impact decals on wood surface types.
    - Sound updates to soldier equipment when moving.
    - Added alternative melee stance. When no bayonet is attached the soildier will use his weapon as a club while in melee mode (Placeholder sounds).
    - Added new charge/sprint animations for normal mode & melee mode.
    - Dynamic depth of field adapts faster now when changing focus (if still not agreeable to you, it can be disabled in the gameplay options menu section).
    - Cloud movement made more realistic. Now, clouds will form and dissolve over time - this effect is most noticeable if you create a sped-up timelapse.
    - Blurry terrain texture error fixed.

    Known issues
    - Expect new and exciting bugs as this update includes an engine upgrade. In order to report bugs, please visit: . If you experience crashing we urge you to utilize our online error reporting tool at:
    - Global illumination might bug out from time to time, causing shadowy squares/sections of the map that ought not to be in the shadow.
    - Touch bending in use by certain vegetation objects (such as cornstalks) is currently not working.
    - Terrain occlusion culling is currently not working as intended. It is leaving big, unrendered patches of the terrain when you move the camera at a fast rate.

    December 15th - Update 37 (released)

    - Drill Camp Winter Edition released!:

    December 13th - Update 36 (released)

    - Voice chat works again
    - Improved the transitions between all animations and emotes

    December 12th - Update 35 (released)

    - Replaced the soldier icon with text that pops up each time you activate an action. Press T to temporarily activate the overview. An example of it can be seen above. It should also be much more reliable than the previous icon.
    - Sometimes, players may have entered a state where they kept changing animations every frame which were very costly on the fps. This should no longer happen.
    - When the player switched to the Inspector Camera or respawned and the camera faded to black, it would sometimes be the case that the camera wouldnt fade back in again. This is fixed.
    - The backpacks for both sides have recieved some updates to their LODs.

    December 10th - Update 34 (released)

    - The shaders you've sent in over the last few days are included in this build so new players dont have to compile those shaders, causing their game to freeze while they are being compiled.
    - Sometimes characters would be changing animations all the time causing the game to lag. Most of those cases have been removed, improving performance.
    - If you dropped a loaded weapon and picked it up again, you wouldnt be able to aim it right away. Now you can aim it immediately after it's been picked up.
    - Fixed an issue where picking up a weapon with a bayonet attached would cause the weapon model to dissapear from your hands.
    - Attacking in melee mode works again.

    December 8th - Update 33 (released)

    With this build, we've started compiling our own shaders for the game which in the near future will greatly reduce stuttering. With this build it may already be running more smoothly for some of you. For others it may run worse. You should also expect loading times to be a little longer with this build. But the more people we get to try the game with this build, the better the next build will be. This should make it so that if somebody spawns as a flag bearer or any other class, the game shouldnt stutter for x amount of seconds at all and in general improve the game experience.

    - Freelook camera moves in a more realistic way in first person
    - New playable units, 5th Virginia and 8th Ohio
    - Extra variations to characters
    - The camera will no longer tilt while turning when just moving at the Quicktime speed
    - Reduced headbobbing a little while moving
    - Muzzleloaders can now be dropped on the ground by pressing J and will make the player change to a new unarmed animation set (muzzleloaders can be picked up again by pressing F)
    - Both the servers and the clients should have improved performance when there's 30+ players on at the same time

    November 28th - Update 32 (released)

    - Dynamic Depth of Field no longer affects the camera when using the Inspection Mode.
    - Dynamic Depth of Field will now only focus on other players if you are aiming at them.
    - There may be less lag on the server with player numbers above 32.

    November 25th - Update 31 (released)

    - Camera will tilt slightly when turning the character while moving.
    - When using the Inspection Mode, your character will no longer seem to be turning around for other players when moving the camera.
    - Sometimes after using Inspection Mode, the character would enter an A pose in first person. This no longer happens.
    - If you dry fire the weapon. The hammer will now strike the nipple instead of just doing nothing (the sound effect is very much a placeholder though).
    - The ingame menu now more closely resembles the main menu.
    - The dynamic depth of field is now a little more forgiving and will only start focusing on objects if they are really close to you.
    - Your surroundings gets blurred when reloading a rifle.
    - We've added a focus blur effect when aiming your weapon.
    - The players now has some acceleration to them when starting to move. if you start running or charging, you wont just instantly hit top speed. If you start turning while moving, you will lose speed depending on how much you are turning.
    - Added battleshirts on characters.
    - Added an extra medium sized tree variant.

    Known issues
    - The serverbrowser while ingame doesnt work

    November 16th - Update 30 (released)

    - Muzzleloaders on the ground can now be picked up by Privates by pressing F.
    - All weapons except for revolvers will be spawned unloaded, so in order to fire, you have to first load your weapon.
    - Grass have been tweaked.
    - Tweaks to eyes and hair.
    - Voice chat gets muted more quickly, but still have a total radius of 50 meters.
    - You can no longer use Free Look if the 3rd person camera is active.
    - The Time of Day near sunset and sunrise have been tweaked.
    - A link for the new Error Reporter has been added in the root of the War of Rights installation folder.

    November 12th - Update 29 (released)

    - Fixed a number of animations errors (more reliable kneel reloads & cleaner view when charging in melee mode)
    - Gave all officers their swords back
    - Smoothed out head movement when freelooking
    - Updates to weapon physics (in preparation for Skirmishes)

    November 7th - Update 28 (released)

    - Made the smoke a little bit more blue to better represent real gun smoke.
    - The gun smoke of the Remington revolver was being fired in the wrong direction.
    - Fixed a bug where you could get into the ready stance while moving.
    - The voice chat volume should adjust a little bit more realistically to distance.
    - Fixed various potential crash bugs.

    November 6th - Update 27 (released)

    - Added updated P53 Enfield Rifle model
    - Tweaks to envrionment sound levels
    - Character head & hand material tweaks
    - Tweaked falloff distance of voice chat

    November 5th - Update 26 (released)

    - Voice chat travel distance increased from 20 to 50 meters.
    - Weapon smoke spawns more reliably.

    November 4th - Update 25 (released)

    - Starting to aim just as the character is stopping to aim, will no longer trigger the enter ready pose multiple times.
    - When other players starts aiming from shoulder arms, they will now correctly cock the hammer before aiming.
    - First version of new Stamina System, including screen effects and stamina affects the aimsway.
    - You can now see where other players are free looking.
    - Updates to hair materials.
    - Reloading while kneeled with a short rifle, works better.
    - Improved shader for clouds.
    - The smoke from gunshots should work more reliably and be more visible.

    Known issues
    - Head animations are currently stuttering when free looking.

    October 31st - Update 24 (released)

    - Added inspection mode, an orbiting camera around the character of the player (press F4 to engage).
    - Minor animation fixes.
    - Minor material tweaks.
    - Level tweaks.
    - Fixed 3D voice chat.
    - Added precahced shaders, eliminating most of the load issues for new users.

    Known issues
    - Inspection mode will not currently show weapon attachments such as bayonets or ramrods.
    - Some ambient sounds are missing in inspection mode.

    October 28th - Update 23 (released)

    - Fixed some officers are currently missing their sidearms
    - Fixed firing a revolver will currently kick in blurred vision. Change to a rifle user and reload said rifle to fix the issue.
    - Fixed serialization issues with the triggers of depth of field while reloading (reloading can cause the vision of other players to be blurred).
    - Fixed minor character gear LOD issue
    - Weapon particles are no longer affected strangely by the time of day (no more black smoke)
    - Minor character material tweaks
    - Restructured gamefiles allowing for much smaller sized updates going forward (no more having to redownload most of the game data each time there is an update)

    Known issues
    - Weapon particles are not currently being spawned entirely and thus will appear thinner than they did before the CE5 upgrade

    October 27th - Update 22 (released)

    - Fixed cajun-dance bug
    - Added dynamic depth of field (can be disabled in options at a later date)
    - Fixed kneel reload of long muzzleloaders (short & sharps are yet to be fixed)
    - Footstep sounds & decals of other players now trigger correctly
    - Slight adjustments to the time of day
    - Small level tweaks
    - Added LOD's for new equipment

    Known issues
    - Some officers are currently missing their sidearms
    - Firing a revolver will currently kick in blurred vision. Change to a rifle user and reload said rifle to fix the issue.
    - Serialization issues with the triggers of depth of field while reloading (reloading can cause the vision of other players to be blurred).

    October 24th - Update 21 (released)

    - Fixed 3D voice broadcasting across servers
    - Bayonet now properly attaches to the Whitworth Rifle
    - Officers have gotten their revolvers back
    - Old-timey camera (print screen) is working correctly again
    - Fixed broken textures on structures
    - F2 button to cycle spawnpoints is now disabled

    October 22nd - Update 20 -CRYENGINE V Upgrade (released)


    • Upgraded to CRYENGINE V – for more in-depth information about its features, visit:
    • Using free look in windowed mode no longer activates the cursor
    • Starting to aim while stopping to sprint, no longer makes the character repeat entering the ready stance
    • The server browser now displays the amount of players on each server
    • Improved the 24 hour time of day cycle
    • New cloud system
    • Improved the cloth physics on the flags for better performance (experimental)
    • Flag poles on the Drill Camp have better cloth simulation
    • Nametags will now display the entire name
    • Longer procedural vegetation draw distance
      Various map updates

      • Footstep sounds on gravel
      • Bullet impact sounds on water, wood, thin metal, thick metal, vegetation and glass

      New Regiments

      • 1st United States Sharpshooters
      • 42nd Pennsylvania
      • 12th South Carolina
      • 14th Brooklyn
      • 1st North Carolina Sharpshooters
      • 9th New York
      • 1st Virginia Battallion

      New Weapons

      • Colt M1847 Walker
      • Colt M1849 Pocket
      • Colt M1851 Navy (New Model)
      • Colt M1860 Army
      • Whitworth rifle
      • Sharps M1859 new model percussion rifle

      New Animations

      • Salute
      • Order Arms
      • Parade Rest
      • In place Rest
      • Sharps rifle reload

      Known issues

      • Clouds can flicker
      • Sections of the ground sometimes loses its texture
      • Quitting the server will cause the game to crash
      • Server browser might be unreliable (not showing servers, to fix, restart game)
      • Touch bending is currently not working (vegetation doesn't react to players)
      • Expect a lot of new and interesting bugs introduced in this update as most systems have been affected by the engine upgrade
      • Sharps rifle occlusion culling issue
      • Old timey photographs currently not working
      • Stutter a few seconds after joining the server (at the spawn screen) due to global illumination kicking in
      • Broken textures for some of the camp equipment filler assets (due to equipment upgrades)
      • Global illumination not kicking correctly in for Sycamore tree variants

    August 7th - Update 19 (released)

    - Fixed a bug where it was possible to queue the Ready stance multiple times, having the character enter and exit, enter and exit.

    August 5th - Update 18 (released)

    - Distance shadows have been improved at virtually no performance cost.
    - Most of your reported issues with the animations and pressing certain keys during various animations have been fixed.
    - The Ready behavior has been improved.
    ---- If you start reloading from Shoulder Arms, the character will return to Shoulder Arms when finished.
    ---- If you start reloading from Ready, the character will return to Ready when finished.
    ---- If you start reloading from Shoulder Arms and you click the right mouse button during the reload, the character will then return to Ready when finished.
    ---- If you start reloading from Ready and you click the right mouse button during the reload, the character will then return to Shoulder Arms when finished.
    -------- In short, you can toggle on/off the Ready stance during the reload.

    August 4th - Update 17 (released)

    - New Ready stance (toggle on and off by clicking the right mouse button, hold to aim)
    - Better aim transitions from crouch and melee mode
    ---- For all rifles except for the Springfield M1861, aiming may be a little bit funky. Fixed in the next update.
    - Additional forage cap wearing styles
    - Mcdowell Cap
    - Improved footstep sounds
    - Experimental wind sound while charging
    - Additional level details near buildings

    July 31th - Update 16 (released)

    - Tweaks to the time of day cycle.
    - Fixed blue brogans on roads.
    - Added footstep sounds in water.
    - Character fixes & additions (new hair, fixes to LOD's (clipping, vertex normal), LOD's for hats).
    - Minor map collision fixes.
    - Upped the amount of smaller hills in the terrain.
    - Added easter egg.

    July 29th - Update 15 (released)

    - The loading screen is now displaying properly when joining the CSA server.
    - The sword swing sound has been adjusted.
    - The distance rifle sound has been improved.
    - The options menu is more reliable (vsync still doesnt work, most likely fixed in next build).
    - Starting the game in fullscreen should work properly.
    - You can now escape kneel by moving in any direction.
    - Voice chat should be more stable

    July 27th - Update 14 (released)

    - Some improvements to the characters.
    - When soldiers equiped with the Mississippi rifle fixes their bayonet. During the animation, they will now use the sword bayonet.
    - Depending on various circumstances, the framerate may have improved from everything between 1-10 fps.
    - A full time of day cycle now lasts 4 hours and the speed can be changed on the fly as we please.
    - The USA or CSA loading screen should now be displayed correctly, depending on which server you join.
    - The stance icon is more reliable.
    - Grass inside some of the buildings have been removed.

    July 25th - Update 13 (released)

    - Improved 24 hours time of day cycle
    - Improved solar flare
    - Mississippi rifle now has correct reload and fix bayonet animations
    - Fixed melee mode animation glitch
    - Stance icon is more reliable
    - Other animation improvements
    - More character variations
    - More facial hair
    - Improved select regiment UI screen
    - Improved options menu (more settings)
    - Select regiment and class screen now dissapears after respawn
    - More stable voice chat
    - Better performance on some settings
    - Imporved grass
    - Improved wheatfield
    - Added authentic camera feature (press "print screen")
    - Changed the look of the key bindings screen (F1)
    - Changed the movement behavior a bit. Now the only way to get out of DoubleQuick is to Press C again. Previously, if you started walking backwards, you would return to quicktime

    June 25th - Update 12 (released)

    - Fixed a few bugs the last patch introduced
    ------> Doors in buildings can be opened again
    ------> Push to talk deactivates when you release the button. In the last version, it remained active for good.
    ------> The Fix Bayonet animation now works properly

    June 24th - Update 11 (released)

    - It's now possible to rebind the keys. Only available from the main menu and the solution is very much a work in progress
    - While on the server, players can now respawn and select a new regiment and class
    - Graphics options as well as key bindings are now remembered when restarting the game.
    ------> There are currently some issues with the user interface if you start the game in full screen
    ------------> To temporarily fix it. Hit alt+enter twice. It will make the game windowed, and then it will make the game full screen again, where the buttons in the user interface will then be working.
    - Minor tweaks & fixes

    June 14th - Update 10 (released)

    - Readded Lorenz M1854 rifle
    - Minor tweaks & fixes
    - 3D voice is now affected by the head rotation when freelooking

    June 10th - Update 9 (released)

    - Some performance issues fixed
    - Added sway on the Springfield M1842

    June 9th - Update 8 (released)

    - Added first release of updated freelook system (several animation bugs present, expect odd results!)
    - Added Springfield M1855 rifle
    - Added Springfield M1842 musket
    - Added M1858 Remington revolver
    - Added distorted air trails after bullets
    - Added 1st Minnesota Regiment
    - Various animation system tweaks
    - Temporarily removed Lorenz M1854 rifle
    - Added some updated hairstyles & facial hairstyles

    June 5th - Update 7 (released)

    - Added vaulting (placeholder animations) - press spacebar to vault over fences.

    June 4th - Update 6 (released)

    - Readded the Lorenz Rifle to the 6th WI
    - Kneel reloading is more refined
    - Fixed some sound bugs
    - Fixed a crash bug in the Ingame Voicechat
    - Fixed some collision bugs in various buildings.
    - Other minor fixes

    June 3rd - Update 5

    - Updated Springfield M1861
    - Breathing sound while running
    - New hands and faces on characters
    - Other miscellaneous character fixes
    - Introduced kneel reload animation
    - Fixed 1st person view bugs while kneeling
    - Updated smoke (greatly reduced performance requirements)
    - Other minor fixes

    - Added an error log uploader! Please check the HOW TO here:

    May 30th - Update 4

    - The hammer is now seated properly when fired
    - Cartridge no longer clips through the barrel
    - A new cap gets put onto the rifle during reload now
    - Some uniform adjustments
    - Some animation tweaks (fix bayonet and reload tweaked in third person)
    - Added NCO swords to NCOs
    - Right shoulder shift in first person now looks correct while using free look
    - Red glow in certain areas is gone
    - New sounds added (like revolver sounds)
    - Other minor fixes

    May 28th - Update 3

    - Added WIP fouling system for rifles
    - NCO's and Officers have sword and revolver now
    - Flagbearer animation fixed
    - fixed some movement control things
    - Added a new young face to all Private 1/NCO 1/Officer 1 (Middle and Old faces will be added in the next update)
    - Push to talk now works on both N and Caps Lock
    - Other minor things, to get a more stable version

    May 26th - Update 2

    - Fixed ingame voice communication
    - colt does no damage now, to avoid kills
    - Removed already attached Swordbayonet from the 114th PA. You can fix/unfix the sword bayonet now. Still no new animation for it - Mississippi reload missing as well.
    - a few changes to the first person aim animation
    - middle target at the shooting range at the rear works now
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    WOOOO! Details about minor fixes! Now this makes me happy!
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    It is amazing how fast the devs have been fixing these issues!!
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    Update 4 released!

    - 31 May.

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    And they keep fixing.

    Thank you so much. You guys are awesome!
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    Next update really needs:

    Ability to reload at Range (like the Revolver)

    Class selection screen (like not having to rejoin the server every time you want to do this)

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    Update #5 released!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hinkel View Post
    June 3rd - Update 5 (released)
    - Added an error log uploader! Please check the HOW TO here:
    Need more information

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    After the secondary patch released, the smaller one. It made it so I can't even launch the game. Is it just me?

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