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Just stopping in to say hi. I pledged in so I could participate in Alpha. Is there any particular time(s) of the day, or day of the week that are better than others for a number of players. I hopped on at 3 am CST and didn't find anyone, which I didn't find surprising (nor would I ever hold that against a game). It looks incredibly fun from the videos and images I have seen. I do have permanent nerve damage in my hands from my time in the US Army, so I hope the game isn't too much of a twitchy combat feel to it like many FPS games. Anyways, I hope to see many of you out on the battlefield and please don't trample my corpse, that wouldn't be polite!

Hi there! Thank you for your support of the development of the game and for your service.

Prime time is around the evening US time. Although your best bet to find populated servers is to check out if any events are going on at: http://www.warofrightsforum.com/foru....php?40-Events and then join in on the fun.

Looking forward to be seeing you in-game.

- Trusty