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Thread: Black screen after joined?

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    Black screen after joined?

    Whenever i'm trying to join a server, i'm getting a black screen after the loading screen.

    How do i fix?

    Already deleted the folder and reinstalled the game.
    I have also verified the game...

    MY PC does not tell me
    The graphics adapter has stopped responding
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    What are your PC specs?
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    New drivers downloaded for graphic card, maybe if you anti virus programms on, fix that (had some probs with bitdefender).
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    If your system is not DirectX 11 or higher capable you won't get a display. Again your system specs are what's important here, not that the programming is flawed.

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    I'm having the same issue and just updated to DirectX 11 a couple weeks ago. Otherwise my specs haven't changed and I was able to play prior to the Feb 11 update without issues. I can hear the music playing and my Task Manager doesn't say that it's not responding. Just the black screen. It's causing no other computer issues.
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