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Thread: 20th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment / "Turner Rifles"

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    20th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment or "Turner Rifles"

    Greetings, Soldiers of the Union!

    ๑۩ General Information ۩๑

    This Regiment was found, at the date of 13.05.2015 by Iron William, Von Platen and Julianator who resigned honorable some time after it.
    We place great value on: Discilpin, friendliness, trust and cohesion !

    Battle of Hatteras Inlet Batteries
    Battle of White Oak Swamp
    Battle of South Mountain
    Battle of Antietam
    Battle of Salem Church

    ๑۩ Historical knowledge ۩๑

    "The core of a soldier is moral discipline. It is intertwined with the discipline of physical and mental achievement. Total discipline overcomes adversity, and physical stamina draws on an inner strength that says drive on"

    The 20th New York was not engaged in major combat again until the Battle of Antietam on September 17, 1862. The regiment incurred heavy losses, but their performance during the battle earned the unit praise from their superior officers.

    Their action in checking the final Confederate counterattack near Dunker Church even earned the praise of the observer who had criticized their flight at White Oak Swamp.After the war ended, the veterans of the 20th New York would dedicate two separate monuments to commemorate the actions of the unit at Antietam.

    ๑۩ Rising of the Regiment ۩๑

    The 20th New York Volunteer Infantry, also known as the "Turner Rifles," was primary recruited in New York City, although several companies of the regiment were formed in upstate New York or New Jersey. The vast majority of recruits came from the various German-American Turner societies, with the largest number coming from New York City's Kleindeutschland neighborhood. The regiment was mustered into federal service for two years on May 6, 1861.

    After training in Manhattan's Turtle Bay Park, the unit left New York for Fortress Monroe, Virginia on June 14th, 1861. They departed with much fanfare, including a parade from Kleindeutschland to their transport ship and the presentation of both an American flag and the Black-Red-Gold flag of Germany's democratic revolutionaries, as well as a guide flag with the motto "Bahn Frei" ("Clear the Way"). To the dismay of the enlisted men, in whom was ingrained the German tradition of marksmanship, the regiment was issued with smoothbore muskets, though these would be replaced by rifles in 1862.

    ๑۩ Roster ۩๑

    - Captain von Platen

    - 2nd Lieutenant Kyuzo
    - 2nd Lieutenant Robert Adam Sr.

    - Sergeant Siem Müllenborn
    - Sergeant Patrick Sheridan
    - Sergeant Fritz Born

    31 Enlisted men

    click to see the Company Tool

    ๑۩ Interested in Joining? ۩๑

    click for the historical Roster of the 20th NY.

    Steam Name:
    In-Game name/nickname: (if possible a historical one)
    Time zone:
    Do you have Teamspeak?:
    Previous Regiment Experience in other games:

    Fill out the application above and post it here in the Thread, if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

    See you on the Battlefield Gents !

    Private August Westhoff with his Hardee hat.

    Map of the attack on Dunkers Church. The 20th NYSV held the position for 24 hour under artillery fire before retreating.

    Monument to 20th NYSV at Antietam Battlefield

    We're part of the

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    Good luck! It's great to see some less well-known units being formed. Battles weren't just fought by the 20th Maine, Iron Brigade, LA Tigers, and the Stonewall Brigade!


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    Good luck

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    ha finally you guys were able to create a new thread

    Good luck my brothers in arms!  02

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    Good Luck, good to see my sharps have more cannon fodder

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    I wish you good luck, gentlemen!
    Founder of the Union Army North & South
    Ex-General of the Iron Brigade
    and so on...

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    nice sieht gut aus :-D

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    Nice Pictures Cookie!
    <a href= target=_blank></a>

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    Some pictures I took at the drill yesterday, organized by Martin Brauer and his Squad (from the 52nd NY)... we were three of the 20th NY there.
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