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Thread: Cobb's Legion (GA) - Company C - Georgia Troopers - The Grey Ghosts (NA/EU)

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    For the South and Cobb's Legion!

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    USA General of the Army

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    May 2017
    The conversion of Ewell's Division to II Corps was an emotionally painful logistical nightmare but well worth the effort.
    Our Higher Command has set a tone that already shows great promise and improvement.

    C Troop continues to await horses but adjusts to the ever-changing battlefield rules with great Honor and Creativity.
    I applaud my Troopers and encourage all quality Southern Gentlemen to check our WoR forum thread, Troop forum, Troop website, Troop Steam group and Corps Steam group to see if you have a similar love and aptitude for Recon Cavalry.
    My Great Great Grandfather, Isaac MacDonal Cooley, served as a Pathfinder Cavalry Scout
    in the 1st Arkansas Cavalry Regiment (Dobbin's) Company K
    My Avatar flies his Unit Guidon to Honor his Service.
    My Credo is a simple one ... Unit before Self with Honor above ALL else.

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