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Thread: George's Corner

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgeCrecy View Post
    Hello one and all!
    I am happy to say that I will be available for the EU event this Sunday at 20 GMT, so for our EU brethren that have been missing out on the spotlight, please be sure to come and join us! It should prove to be a fun time!
    Would that be 1300 PST?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Extracrispi View Post
    Would that be 1300 PST?
    I'm in AZ, GMT is -7hr. Until everyone (but us) changes to DST. So 1pm on the West Coast sounds right.

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    Hello one and all,

    I am happy to announce that on the 18th I have a break from my normal schedule enough to allow for another recording session of George's Corner! I look forward to seeing you all at the event at the normal times!

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