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Thread: George's Corner

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    A piece on the 2nd Massachusetts and 114th Pennsylvania Zouaves would be pretty cool, seeing as how the zouaves were attached to the 2nd MA.
    "War of Rights USMA Class of 1860"


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    I do have to apologize for folks that were expecting me this weekend, as I was out of town. I can assure you that I'll be available and be looking forward to seeing everyone next Saturday at the regular time!
    To preclude another problem like this, I am announcing that the weekend after next, that being the first weekend of September, I will be out of town again while going to the Fort Stevens reenactment in Astoria, OR! To any that might be there with me, look forward to seeing you!
    Again, I do apologize, but we should be able to avoid further interruptions in your regularly scheduled programming!

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    Well Even without George there we can still Get together and have fun. We proved that this weekend. Maybe one of the Dev's can step in a record in your stead and you can commentate after.

    It sucks that the servers stay almost empty all week till Saturdays . I always get the itch to play and log on to empty servers and broken dreams. It be nice to see more big events during the week.

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