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Thread: 61st Virginia Company A

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    61st Virginia Company A

    Go help out my friend Bens Company he is a great guy with great leading experience. He only has 4 guys in his company and I would love to see his company grow.

    Hello good Sir, I am writing from the camps of the 61st Virginia Infantry ... We are in need of men to muster our ranks and we are looking for good volunteers that are willing to fight for their freedom and home.

    Good sir would you honor your call to arms and join the 61st Virginia Infantry Company A?

    Signed Capt. General Ben

    I will also need your steam name add me on steam its General Ben and i need to know if you are Na or EU?

    Steam Link:

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    , Sir, I am Robert Bell on WoR and Kiyu on Steam, I wish to enlist in the 61st Virginia.

    I am currently living in Japan, is NA a option, sir?

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    ok do you have the Game and how active would you be

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    Welcome to the CSA!

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