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Thread: Impossible to join servers. Freezing.

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    Impossible to join servers. Freezing.

    Hi guys. Im having problems to join servers. Game freezes , music never stop. Tried reinstalling and veryfing cache...

    GTX 1080
    i7 4790
    16GB RAM

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    Hi there!

    Thank you for the report.

    We're currently experiencing an issue where the servers don't drop crashed/disconnected players properly - this is due to an experimental fix for a specific connection issue that results in everyone on the server getting severe FPS issues. This results in you getting stuck when trying to join them.

    I suspect a hotfix will be applied tomorrow.

    - Trusty

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    Same problem this saturday Nov 11 Eu Server. I played only maybe half an hour, then game crashed to desktop. Afterwards where i not able to join server Again .. Tried 5 times game just keept hanging before the menue of regiment/soldier choise. There was aproxx 65 players on the server. Server stress thing maybe ... If you looking ointo the problem then there is no need to answer this post.

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    i generally freeze up or crash 4 to 5 times, then it runs stable for a good while.
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