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Thread: Marksmanship and Numbers

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    had our usual monday nite skirm and the inconsistency of the these rifles is just getting hard to swallow hit one shot at 20yds or so an miss the next 2 at about the same distance but can hit a running target at about 100yds make no sense at all
    the swaying and the inconsistency of these rifles are just bad no other words for it, its almost like there is a dice roll for you to hit that is the algorithm they are using
    these guns are so much more accurate than they are in game and it doesnt reward the good shots thats the problem i see please fix these rifles accuracy because it right now it like playing a dice roll every time we shoot

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    I had a few instances last night that I know I hit my target as I was maybe 15-20 yds away and my opponent didn't go down, or at least I was convinced at the time I did hitting the torso both times. One of the instances it was an officer and he proceeded to shoot and kill me with his pistol a few seconds later and that didn't feel good. Then I think it's possible I just wounded him, and maybe it wasn't a clean hit? I don't know. I'm going to monitor this more and maybe next time I can have more specifics such as musket type.
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    The swaying is fine. What I don't like is how it is incredibly predictable. It seems to follow the same pattern so all you have to do is remember the pattern. It should be different levels based on your fatigue.

    I'm all about more shooting than killing. But this isn't that. This is "I have to take my time to make every shot count or my existence is completely worthless on this team."

    Fences are way too damn good at blocking bullets. when they shouldn't be. If they were as good as they are in this game in real life then "Picket's Charge" would have just stopped at the Emmitsburg road and they'd have gone into trench warfare for a month. Split rail fences are basically walls in this game. Who even knows where the bullets go to around them? If someone's near the upright posts you may as well not even take the shot. Their bullets probably aren't counting either so who cares. They seem to get sucked up into some other dimension if I fire near those uprights. We can shoot at each other all day. I have been hit up to 3 times by a fence. I feel like the spent bullets need to do more damage. Implement a "knockdown" or a "stagger" system so you at least know you wounded someone.
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