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  1. Read before forming a unit!
  2. Union Order of Battle Company Overview
  3. Connecticut Companies
  4. A Video from play on Saturday (June 10th) Comment if you were in it!
  5. Union Commander's Meeting
  6. Recruiting Companies.
  7. TKing and Drill Disruptions By Union Company Members
  8. Company Poaching
  9. Is there a francophone regiment?
  10. 24 Year Old Student in the UK Looking for a Community
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  12. how see the company in union comoany list
  13. 1st Light Artillery Pennsylvania Bat B looking for brigade
  14. Camp Curtin (Drill Server).
  15. The Bully Sixth!
  16. recruit NCOs
  17. Graphic designers
  18. 6th Vermont 1st Battalion
  19. Looking For Recruits! Enlist Today! The 88th New York.
  20. Русскоговорящие добровольцы! / Russianspeaking volunteers!
  21. Slavic Unit (Slovanská jednotka)
  22. 7th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment - Company A
  23. President of the United States of America
  24. 2nd U.S. Artillery Tidball's Battery G
  25. 28th Massachusetts company B (NEW)
  26. I am looking forward to getting my regiment added to the federal army brigade discord
  27. Looking for a company
  28. The 20th Maine Volunteers
  29. CZ/SK Regiment vo War of Rights