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  1. Read before forming a unit!
  2. Confederate Order of Battle Company Overview
  3. Confederate Rank Icons
  4. First War of Rights Event on the 26th of November!
  5. 7th Georgia Infantry Regiment, Company H "Roswell Guards" First Battle Bull Run
  6. 1st Georgia Company B Recruiting
  7. 2nd Virginia
  8. Češi ve War of Rights?
  9. Rowan's Battery D. now recruiting
  10. 1st Georgia is Recruiting!
  11. Looking for an AUS Regiment!
  12. 47th Virginia
  13. 4th North Carolina Co.B-"Scotch Ireland Grays"-"The Bloody 4th" NA/EU
  14. 69th North Carolina Regiment Of Cherokee And Highlanders
  15. 14th Lousiana Regiment Recruiting
  16. Rowan's Battery is recruiting!!
  17. Active play Time zones...
  18. Archers Brigade
  19. 7th Tennessee Regiment!
  20. Picketts Brigade - 1st Virginia Infantry Regiment
  21. 15th Alabama Infantry Regiment, Company A "Canteys Rifles"
  22. Lane's Artillery Battalion is recruiting!
  23. The 1st North Carolina Artillery Regiment
  24. 20thGA infantry Regiment
  25. 1st Virginia Cavalry "Shepherdstown Troop" Co. F
  26. Tennessee Brigade!
  27. 1st Virginia Regiment / 1er Regimiento de Virginia [ESP/ENG]
  28. Revival of 7th Tennessee
  29. [ENG] [ITA] II-6thLA(I) Italian Guards Battalion
  30. 8th Virginia Infantry Regiment "The Bloody 8th" Join Today!
  31. CZ/SK Regiment vo War of Rights
  32. Pour rejoindre la Communauté Francophone
  33. Hay's Louisiana Brigade! (Recruiting)