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  1. A. P. Hill's Light Division
  2. Authentic Confederate Coalition of Companies
  3. 1st Texas Infantry Regiment - Companies A, B, E, F and H
  4. Army of Northern Virginia, Jackson's Division, 1st Brigade "Winder's Brigade"
  5. Hoods Texas Brigade - 1st Texas, 4th Texas, 5th Texas, and 3rd Arkansas
  6. 38th North Carolina Battalion Companies A, F, H, & K
  7. Association of Rebel Companies
  8. The Grand Confederate Army
  9. Army of Northern Virginia Command Staff
  10. ♦ The German Volunteers [EU/NA] ♦
  11. Drayton's Brigade
  12. Stonewall Jackson's second Corps (NA/EU)
  13. Louisiana Brigade "Tigers"
  14. In the Case of Terminology and Historocity.
  15. I Corps [Improved]
  16. 1st Confederate Battalion
  17. 1st Mixed Battalion [International]
  18. [EU/NA] Lee's Legion
  19. United European Community
  20. Asian Gamers Association
  21. Irish Brigade (EU/NA)
  22. 4th Texas Infantry Regiment - Companies A, C, D, F, G, H, I, and Rowans Battery D
  23. Armistead's Virginia Brigade -9thVA-14thVA-38thVA-53rdVA-57thVA [NA/EU/AUS]
  24. Walker's Division (NA/EU)
  25. 5th Texas Infantry Companies - C,D,E,&F
  26. 1st Virgina
  27. Independent Volunteer Rifles - (EU/NA)
  28. 1st Battalion 3rd Arkansas Volunteer Infantry
  29. 15th Georgia Infantry Regiment - Companies A, B & C
  30. The Blues And Greys
  31. Picketts Brigade
  32. Carolina Army (CA)
  33. Jenkins' Brigade
  34. "Men of the Valley" - 33rd VA,1st Battalion|1st Rockbridge Artillery|7th VA Cav,Co.C
  35. The Confederate States Of America
  36. Formal Resignation
  37. Holcombe's Legion - Companies C & D
  38. Palmetto Sharpshooters Company E
  39. Hood's Division of the Army of Northern Virginia
  40. The 1st North Carolina Artillery Regiment
  41. 6th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment