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  6. How do I change my character nickname?
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  11. Problem with different accounts.
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  15. Will you be able to make multiple soldiers to use with the company tool?
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  18. Company Tool is fucked right now
  19. Company Tool I logged in as someone else.
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  23. 5th Texas Company A Stolen?
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  27. How will bigger units than companies work?
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  29. Question about Companys - Mustering to Formed
  30. 55th New York Volunteer Infantry ?
  31. Telegram bug
  32. No men showing up
  33. 127th NY Ifantry not on the company tool
  34. Telegram not working, No way to check through Volunteers.
  35. Companies with more than 100 men?
  36. Company Tool Artillery Batterys Platoons
  37. telegrams dont work sometimes
  38. Free Up Inactive Companies
  39. Enlistment Papers
  40. Company's join Regiments?
  41. Withdraw Company recruitment request - How?
  42. Higher than Captain - Joined Companies - Battalions
  43. Name not appearing when accepting recruits
  44. [Bug] Company tool platoon carry-over from former company
  45. [Bug] Changing your forum badge - Something went wrong :(
  46. Telegraphs and emails
  47. No Activation Email?
  48. Finding Companies...?
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  50. Members Needed to Form a Company?
  51. Differentiate One Regiment from another
  52. Live Platoon Counters
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  54. Searching by country of origin?
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  58. *List of Active regiments/companies in War of Rights*
  59. Adding remarks to deserters
  60. Grey out inactive regiments in Company Tool
  61. A few ideas.
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  65. Company Tool - "Something went wrong"
  66. Is it bugged or broken
  67. Integration
  68. reply
  69. *New List of Active Regiments in War of Rights*
  70. Artillery Batteries
  71. Battalion Level Suggestions
  72. What happens when a company commander dies?
  73. Cheating Company Tool to Muster Companies
  74. CT alive?
  75. My unit is incorrectly named
  76. Company Tool?
  77. Wingfield's Battery
  78. Resigning in order to join another unit, not the other side.
  79. Duplicate Unit Clarification?
  80. Boyce's Battery being usurped from JB on the Company Tool by some fake account
  81. Remove or delete inactive companies from the tool.
  82. Telegram problem