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  1. Event List - For Alpha Tester
  3. War Of Rights Community Event December 10th.
  4. War Of Rights Community Event: December 17th
  5. War Of Rights Community Event: January 7th
  6. Mass Community Event January 21
  7. War of Rights Community Event 4th of Feb
  8. War Of Rights Community Event: Skirmish Day (1)
  9. War Of Rights Community Steam Group Event: February 11th
  10. War Of Rights Community Steam Group Event: February 18th
  11. 42nd Pennsylvania Lead Training!
  12. 24th Confederate Memorial day
  13. (1st TX Skirmish Event)Postponed Until Further Notice
  14. Minute Silence
  15. Looking for Yankee Companies/Brigades interested in participating in planned battles.
  16. Hardcore Double Ranks Event
  17. Unit Commanders Round Table Meeting
  18. EU Skirmish Battle
  19. War of Rights Events - Steam Group
  20. 'The Sharpsburg Skedaddle!' - A Weekly Event.
  21. Skirmish Event
  22. 2nd Massachusetts Co. A (live recruiting event)
  23. Joint Drill
  24. Skirmish event - 3rd September
  25. War of Rights - Community Event
  26. The Battle of Antietam Sunday September 17th EU & NA Event
  27. Skirmish event - 24th September
  28. Saturday 55th LG's Event
  29. Skirmish event - 8th October
  30. Skirmish event - 15th October
  31. Event - 22nd October 2017
  32. Event\Test -29th October 2017
  33. FuBarís Fubared Friday fun event
  34. Rumored Pick-up Battle starting in an hour
  35. 11/9/2017 Thursday Event
  36. Sunday Public Massacres
  37. Daily Skirmishes
  38. Sunday Community Events (4pm EST/ 8PM EST)
  39. 14th Brooklyn Co. B Drill/Recruiting Event 12/1/17
  40. 14th Indiana Callout and Drill Instruction
  41. Christmas Cease Fire (December 23rd)
  42. 150 player stress test
  43. Robert E Lee 211th Birthday Event Tonight at 7:00pm est
  44. Community 150 Men Event!
  45. 14th Brooklyn Company B training and recruiting event
  46. Large Scale Community Event
  47. 30th of March - Lines and Skirmishers Event!
  48. 13th of April: Harper's Ferry !
  49. Planned event for 27th April
  50. 26th of May: Line & Skirmish event for the Antietam maps
  51. Open Drill Event May 9th at 7pm EST
  52. United Association (Union) Vs Longstreets Corps May 12th 8 est
  53. Call out all the union 100 person companies
  54. Massive Formations Training, Sunday 29th
  55. Interest in Mid-Week EU Event?
  56. CSA and Union cooperative drill camp event
  57. Friday Community Event
  58. Weekend Community Line Battle Events
  59. 156th Anniversary of Harpers Ferry & Sharpsburg (Sept. 15-17)
  60. Friday Community (EU) Event
  61. Reenacting the 6th Louisiana "Tigers" (100 Volunteers Needed!)
  62. Training Event.
  63. Joint Drill
  64. Friday battles events (2pm EST / 8pm CET)
  65. Line & Skirmish events for the Antietam maps
  66. War of Rights Community Shoot
  67. Sundays Event's Hosted by 6th Alabama
  68. 4th New Jersey Campaign RP Event
  69. Saturday Night Picket Patrol Community Event 8pm EST
  70. Looking for EU Saturday event @ 7-10 PM GMT.
  71. War of Rights League
  72. Monday and Thursday Officer Training 8pm Est [NA]
  73. Sunday April 14th Event 4PM EST #1 Rain or Shine
  74. "Seven Days Battles" - Saturday Event
  75. The War of Australian Aggression a.k.a. Emu Civil War
  76. CALL TO ARMS: 1st Georgia Regulars Saturday Night Event
  77. War of Rights Community Day
  78. 1ST GA Drill/ Fun Day
  79. Memorial Day Commemoration - Thursday May 30th 8pm ET
  80. Reenactment events and group
  81. United European Community - Biathlon Event
  82. Active Groups Come Together
  83. Wednesday Night Pop-up Event
  84. [IVR] Independent Volunteer Rifles Weekly Events
  85. Federal Army - Wednesday Night Event
  86. October 19th Full Server Line Battle
  87. Current state of regimental affairs.
  88. Wednesday Night Line Battles
  89. The WOR Grand Campaign
  90. Batallion Drill Event by "The German Volunteers"
  91. The IVR Presents the Antietam Campaign