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  1. Chaos on New Map Spawn-Ins
  2. What changed?
  3. Flag Spawning Wonkiness
  4. New maps or alt variations
  5. Move Pry House Cap Point
  6. Change the death camera positions to avoid eavesdropping
  7. Hitmarkers and Kills and Deaths on Scoreboard
  8. VoiP Filter on the Cards?
  9. The hootin' and hollerin'
  10. Shooting range and flag suggestions
  11. Loading screens & flavour
  12. Server Queue
  13. skirmishes
  14. About Audio tracks and South Mountain maps
  15. Melee improvement - displacement by discipline
  16. Twelve Core Gameplay Improvements
  17. Next South Mountain maps
  18. Resting muskets on fence rails & interaction
  19. Buff the Colt Walkers range.
  20. Automatic reload breaks for movement.
  21. Lower Class Restrictions
  22. Multiplayer Campaign gamemode
  23. Trolls are running wild the last weeks
  24. Evolving Skirmishes and/or a New Game mode
  25. Need the Option to Furl the Colours
  26. Dear developers. A collection of community suggestions
  27. Artillery Historical Error Fix/Photographer Class Suggestion
  28. Please Remove Spectator Cam
  29. Increasing Server player limit
  30. More Dedicated Server Providers
  31. Union Firing Range Flag Spawn
  32. A couple Sunday ranting points
  33. Final Push And Overtime
  34. Counter Attack Problems?
  35. Auto Balance and the impact on player organized Events
  36. Overtime game mode
  37. Officer Out of Line Timer
  38. South Mountain needs more maps to its rotation
  39. Dear developers. A collection of community suggestions 2.0
  40. Ammunition Resupply
  41. Kills and Deaths
  42. Info on impact of graphics settings in performance
  43. Do something with the Company Tool
  44. March to the Sea and Burning of Atlanta
  45. A server should show a message when somebody is kicked.
  46. Teamkilling auto ban
  47. Historical Accuracy
  48. Dear Developers, We` d like to talk. A community initiative
  49. How to make War of Rights Great Again
  50. Allowing TKs on the Drill Server
  51. Some Company Tool Ideas
  52. A question about Miller's Cornfield
  53. Some Melee Improvement thoughts
  54. A very small but very important suggestion.
  55. Prone
  56. Drill Camp Guns
  57. 23rd NY Light Artillery
  58. Will more batteries be added?
  59. Map borders and Artillery
  60. Stadia Rangefinders?
  61. Union Artillery 1st Sergeants have no short-swords
  62. Meele mode while crouched.
  63. War of Rights needs changes.
  64. Suggestions for an Admin Panel 2.0
  65. Suggestions for dedicated Server
  66. Altering suppression effects for nighttime
  67. Spawn onto the field already reloaded
  68. Kicked from my own server for respawning too many times.
  69. [Suggestion] Raise the current character limit of 25 to 30
  70. M1816 Springfield Flintlock Musket
  71. Unlocking NCO slots
  72. View from a player makes it look like I have eyes in my neck
  73. Need to add an Admin Feature to Disable Auto Balance
  74. The Game is Staler than Year Old Bread
  75. Please Let People Change Arty Keybinds
  76. For when Arty TKs are implemented
  77. Suggestions for Artillery.
  78. Bring back the cursive text in menus
  79. Admin Tools Wish List
  80. update to end of game kill screen
  81. Mele while crouched
  82. Stretcher-bearers
  83. Map borders and playable regiments per map
  84. Simple yet vital suggestions
  85. Maps?
  86. A new Regiment name system similar to "Clans" in other games
  87. 1840 Musician's Sword
  88. Question for some Quality of Life Improvements
  89. Hire a musician for recording the Bugle calls.
  90. With the addition of more players on a server, we need more regiments per side
  91. Developer Request - Expanding Server Commands (Requests!)
  92. Suggestions for new Company System
  93. A few suggestions for the Devs
  94. Unit Customization Requests
  95. Get back to the rifle/musket loeadouts unit specifically
  96. ammo refills
  97. Use of buglers in battle
  98. Cavalry and Artillery Musicians
  99. Conquest improvement ideas
  100. Drill camp suggestions
  101. "Right Shoulder Shift" and Moving in Formation
  102. GameMode suggestion