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Authentic Confederate Coalition of Companies

Army of Northern Virginia
Drilling at Capital Square Grounds, Richmond County, Richmond, Virginia

Welcome to the Authentic Confederate Coalition of Companies (http://steamcommunity.com/groups/authernticconfederates) (<-- Click for Steam Group) War of Rights Thread. We are a coalition of realistic, historically accurate companies that strive to be as authentic as possible. We use the Hardee's 1861/1862 manuals for Drill. You are expected to be active, mature and well disciplined. The Coalition is a group of Companies that have decided to band together to do a bi-weekly drill (so every other week on a specified day) and one event that will also be bi-weekly. We will make this time as accessible to everyone as possible - most likely on a weekend, in the middle of the day for Americans and in the evening for EU's. We will activate once the War of Rights Alpha comes out, trying to share tips, tricks, and experience with each other. This will also allow Companies with the same interests towards historical accuracy, realism, and competitiveness to band together.

I want to highly stress though that this will be nothing like the Armies or the Brigades of Line games of old (NaS, NW, Mount & Musket, Battlegrounds 2). In order for a new Company to join the Company leaders who are already within the Coalition have to vote by a 2/3 majority to accept said Company. Furthermore there will be no overruling commander, staff, etc. It will however have a field commander for the day of the specified training. We have decided the field commander will be the person who fields the most men on that specified day. We want to be fair and we want to have fun - and most importantly we want people to stay independent as groups, but allow for them to build camaraderie within the community. So, in a non-biweekly Drill/Event, if we saw each other out on the field we could help each other out and be a very effective team. The Coalition is also about a sense of community in addition to realism. You are going to be held to a higher standard of maturity and activity in our Coalition. While we remain competitive, we place a higher premium on teamwork, participation, and a sense of community.

Code of Conduct:

Code: Our members must meet our etiquette. If a member is to do well within the Coalition they must do their best to follow the Code of Conduct. Following this will lead to promotions if the member is proficient enough to do the task;

1. They must be respectful to everyone no matter the circumstance. This may be fellow members or players out with the Coalition. This also covers insulting someone, racism, retaliation in-game, bullying, trolling and discrimination. At all times you are representing the Coalition and must show the highest level of maturity.

2. They must follow orders. This is extremely vital as you must follow orders given by your Commanding Officer or Superior, and must be done so without argument or hesitation. If you don't agree with the tactics being used by your Superior there is a time and place to bring your point forward. During events is not the time and you must respect their decisions.

3. They must learn and train to become proficiently skilled soldier in tactics as well as skill.

4. They must remain active to be a useful contributor to the Coalition, attend trainings and events when you can and if not please inform us so that we know.

5. Extreme behavior and discipline is to be shown at all times no matter where you are. During linebattles there is to be no head banging, fidgeting in line and aiming your weapon at a teammate. Members must use the Permission To Speak (PTS) system during events if requested by the commander. This is to avoid anyone speaking over the Commanding Officer when commands are being given and PTS must not be abused. During linebattles the main chat is not be used by anyone except the Commander.


http://www.hostmania.eu/button-ts3.png (https://www.teamspeak.com/downloads)

Teamspeak 3 is an extremely important for the Coalition. It is imperative that every member of the Coalition has Teamspeak as it is needed for communication. The Coalition cannot function without this, therefore it is a requirement that every member has it. Rules for in game still apply on Teamspeak. This is very important during events - off topic and unneeded chat will not be allowed. Members must also remain, going by our values, mature and respectful at all times.

Ranks In Use by Coalition Companies


- Cadet
Entry level rank. Must complete 2 Drills and 2 Events, and have a basic
understanding of maneuvers and commands before becoming a member of
the Enlisted and attaining the rank of Private.
- Private
Officially a part of the Enlisted Ranks. May apply for a Coalition Staff
Position. Responsible for firing on targets in combat, make up bulk of the
Coalition (at least 80%), must be proficient in maneuvers and understand
commands in-game as well as the forums out of game. Expected to attend
Drills on a regular basis or post an excuse.
- http://i1186.photobucket.com/albums/z368/BWToombs/SSPrivate%20copy_zpss32puj0q.pngSenior Service
SS [or Senior Service] is a title a Private can earn after 2 months time
in Grade, as well as dedicated and distinguished service to the Coalition; it is
represented with the above title of recognition - however they are still the
same as every other Private)


- http://i1186.photobucket.com/albums/z368/BWToombs/1BVA%20Rank%20Avatars/Corporal_zpsiaz8gmru.png Corporal
Assistant Picket Leader, responsible for setting an example for lower Enlisted
members, and dressing the line in battle
- http://i1186.photobucket.com/albums/z368/BWToombs/1BVA%20Rank%20Avatars/Sergeant_zpskxrz1wnx.png Sergeant
Picket Leader, responsible for morale, training and discipline of Picket, ends
and middle of line in battle - responsible for dressing the line and tending wounds
- http://i1186.photobucket.com/albums/z368/BWToombs/1BVA%20Rank%20Avatars/Company%20Quartermaster%20Sergeant_zpsihdbzxg9.gif Company Quartermaster Sergeant
The Company Quartermaster Sergeant is the Head Adjutant of the Company.
He is responsible for Company Drill & Battle Reports as well as other clerk duties for
the Company.
- http://i1186.photobucket.com/albums/z368/BWToombs/1BVA%20Rank%20Avatars/First%20Sergeant_zpsxot0xy0b.png First Sergeant
The First Sergeant is the Company Senior Non-Commissioned Officer. He
oversees all Enlisted Personnel of a Company and is primarily responsible for
ensure that the Company maintains an acceptable state of readiness. He is also
responsible for maintaining discipline within the Company.
- http://i1186.photobucket.com/albums/z368/BWToombs/1BVA%20Rank%20Avatars/Regimental%20Quartermaster%20Sergeant_zps1mjml8u7. png Battalion Quartermaster Sergeant
The Coalition Quartermaster Sergeant is the Head Adjutant of the Coalition.
He is responsible for Company Drill & Battle Reports as well as other clerk duties for
the Coalition.
- http://i1186.photobucket.com/albums/z368/BWToombs/1BVA%20Rank%20Avatars/Sergeant%20Major_zps4jjcjhmj.png Sergeant Major
The Sergeant Major is the Coalition Senior Non-Commissioned Officer. He
oversees all Enlisted Personnel of a Coalition and is primarily responsible for
ensure that the Coalition maintains an acceptable state of readiness. He is also
responsible for maintaining discipline within the Coalition.


- http://i1186.photobucket.com/albums/z368/BWToombs/1BVA%20Rank%20Avatars/Second%20Lieutenant_zpsbrobolb3.png Second Lieutenant
A Second Lieutenant is the lowest ranking Commissioned Officer, he holds
the position of Platoon Leader, however in rare cases he may be elevated to
company level command. His duties are to ensure that his platoon is active, and
ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.
- http://i1186.photobucket.com/albums/z368/BWToombs/1BVA%20Rank%20Avatars/First%20Lieutenant_zpslcrubwio.png First Lieutenant
The First Lieutenant is normally an Executive Officer of a company or may
be in a staff position. It is the job of the First Lieutenant to be the second in
command of a company and to assist the Company Commander in anyway the
Company Commander sees fit.
- http://i1186.photobucket.com/albums/z368/BWToombs/1BVA%20Rank%20Avatars/Captain_zpsyzhsxvxq.png Captain
The Captain serves as the commander of a Company, although he may be
in a Coalition level staff position. He is in charge of leading the Company in
combat as well as leading the Company in their administrative duties.
- http://i1186.photobucket.com/albums/z368/BWToombs/Major_zpsvsvm1qum.png Major
The Major serves as the commander of the Coalition. He is in charge of
leading the Coalition in combat as well as leading the Coalition in their
administrative duties.http://api.ning.com/files/hmFfn9PzYb47N-wfqEyXK5KVyrEw8DFoPy7g8jFbGjIzo7GwlIQsvlm2a7FIjip0 GqxMtta43P1kjpucZM4yOtsqXnWUB6iF/cleb12tn.jpg



The Authentic Confederate Coalition of Companies is Recruiting!

Enlist Now!

Post your application below in the thread below using the code below.

You must also meet these requirementsMust be 14 years or older to join (as well as that as a minimum age requirement for your Company)Must be historically accurateMust have a background and history of your unit on your forum threadMust be willing to work and listen to other Company Leaders

Personal Information:

Your Real Name:
Your Location:
Your Age:
Your Steam username (The one you log in with)?:
Your Steam Profile URL:

Administrative Information:

Name of your Company that you wish to Enlist in the Coalition?:
How many Enlisted members do you have?:
Do you understand the requirements listed above?:
When are you available to get together and talk with the other Company Leaders?:
Do you agree to attend at least 1 Coalition Training per month (happen bi-weekly):

Contact Us:

If you are interested, add any of the Command Staff on Steam, or hop on our Teamspeak by clicking the banner below!

1st Battalion Virginia Regulars Co. C: Captain MacMillan
http://steamsigmaker.de/status/cmacmillan.png ('http://steamcommunity.com/id/cmacmillan/')

23rd North Carolina Co. A: 2nd Lieutenant Rhett
http://steamsigmaker.de/status/Rhett63.png ('http://steamcommunity.com/id/Rhett63/')

Steam Group:
http://steamsigmaker.de/group/authernticconfederates.png ('http://steamcommunity.com/groups/authernticconfederates')

Credit for the layout goes to Jamez (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198028455053/)

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Companies in the Coalition

Founded by:
Founder: http://i1186.photobucket.com/albums/z368/BWToombs/1BVA%20Rank%20Avatars/Captain_zpsyzhsxvxq.png Captain Charles MacMillanCo-Founder: http://i1186.photobucket.com/albums/z368/BWToombs/1BVA%20Rank%20Avatars/Second%20Lieutenant_zpsbrobolb3.png 2nd Lieutenant Rhett Vito

1st Battalion Virginia Regulars Co. C "Montgomery Guard": (36)
C Company CO: Captain Charles MacMillan
http://steamsigmaker.de/status/cmacmillan.png ('http://steamcommunity.com/id/cmacmillan/')

23rd North Carolina Co. A "Anson Ellis Rifles": (29)
A Company CO: 2nd Lieutenant Rhett
http://steamsigmaker.de/status/Rhett63.png ('http://steamcommunity.com/id/Rhett63/')

Coalition Total: 65

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Good luck!

03-22-2016, 05:49 AM
Sign up guys !

03-22-2016, 05:31 PM
An interesting concept maybe once my company is formed and possibly a 2nd I'll discuss it with my brother officers don't want to sign up to something others might not be interested in doing.

03-22-2016, 06:01 PM
Good luck my friends! Hopefully I will get a better PC and be able to make a Company to join yall! Good luck again!

03-25-2016, 03:55 AM
Yeah i'll sign up the 4th NC, although we are mostly going to be an NA reg, we will however accept EU players

03-25-2016, 07:12 AM
Yeah i'll sign up the 4th NC, although we are mostly going to be an NA reg, we will however accept EU players

Cool add me on Steam and we can discuss this with myself and Rhett. Hope you have a good rest of your night man.

03-25-2016, 06:59 PM
Sign up guys lets get this going

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Commisioned Officers : 1
Non-Commissioned Officers : 4
Enlisted :35
Company Strength : 40

Nigel Walsh
01-03-2020, 04:16 AM
Good luck, guys!

01-03-2020, 05:24 AM

Lord Drax
01-03-2020, 06:55 PM
Pretty sure this unit is long since dead...