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11-12-2013, 05:53 AM
Ok, I know there isn't a closed beta yet [Or none that we know of] But just thinking of a game like this gets me excited because the community takes part with suggestions and feedback, Unlike big games like Cod, Battlefield, And anything else mainstream with millions to spend!

So with me thinking away bout possibilities I thought of a game "Natural Selection" [1,2] well I thought of the gameplay of "Natural selection" one person is a commander with a birds eye view and can place orders like "Build ,Station, Here" and then the marines would, Mostly follow it if they played right , Build that station there so it was a Strategy for the commander except instead of commanding AI that don't do human responses you are commanding humans, So the team has to work together... Dang it I spent alot of time on that now to the point!!!

So someone is commandering the Soldiers, That would be a randomly chosen person on the team, Both sides get a commander , So then the other players would pick units while the game loaded the Commander got a look at the map , Old Style map not like "Natural Selection" , So the Commander wasn't locked in this map he/she could exit and play normally but to access that map they would have to go to a officers tent located far back away from battle and could order around troops EX. "Set up Howitser here" EX. this is just an idea I got from a video from youtube a long time ago, Watching "DevilDogGamer" play "Natural Selection 2".

So yeah thats my gameplay suggestion just a ramble!