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12-13-2013, 05:16 PM
Hello all, just want to first off by stating that I'm in complete excitement here for the release of War of Rights. My friend Wagner and I looked at this shortly after installing the mod for Mount and Blade Warband, we were like whaaaa?? and came directly here and boom, saw the amazing graphics and we're just hooked. We can't wait for the initial release of the alpha and the game entirely!

I first wanted to make a few suggestions to make this the greatest civil war game ever!

The first thing is of course weapon progression. Both my friend and I and probably many of those who play civil war games are also either historical geeks or Reenactors. This being said we both put our heads together and I'll be making different threads concerning the different suggestions that we both had. Thus would allow for more open discussion but also an organized one. So here it is below:

Weapon Progression

So our first suggestion, is of course that listed above, and pretty self explanatory. Weapon Progression should be something mandatory in all games, especially in FPS games. But if we dig deeper we'll find out why. First off, anyone who has ever been a Reenactor knows that with practice and time, you can get down to firing a volley of 3 shots within 1 minute, as many of regularly trained soldiers were able to accomplish. You learn by the numbers how to reload quicker, how to aim and where to aim. Now aiming is a different topic (because it does make a difference between a minie ball and a rifle barrel). Weapon progression should allow the players to progress further after time and time again of firing the weapon. Which in turn goes for a quicker reload, quicker aim, quicker to attach bayonet. So the more the player uses the weapon, the more proficient they will become with it.

So as stated above I'll be putting up more suggestions, but I believe this is the top one on my list. A progression system should definitely be implemented, but it should also be spread out over time, not all at once. Especially during multiplayer sessions, don't want someone who just started to go against players who are already at the highest reload time possible and are like "God's" in the playing field. Something to balance it out, which I'll leave that up to the creative minds behind the development.

That is all for now gents, leave your comments, questions, concerns below and I hope to see this kind of system in the game. Would be really nice to have :)

12-14-2013, 02:51 AM
First off, hello there fellow reenactor, and welcome to the forums! We always appreciate our large base of reenactors and appreciate their help, support, and generous helping of wonder that they throw at us. :)
Secondly, we as a team will be doing our best to make the game as historically accurate as possible, even to the point of making your little heart burst at how realistic and enjoyable it is. We will definitely take your suggestion under advisement in any case, but we will know better later as to how it will all work.

12-16-2013, 07:07 AM
Weapon progression was thought of before but not brought up in it's own thread, Yes progression should be balanced whereas a British 1845 Flintlock would have quicker response but maybe less power so less damage [Im just making this up] But yes everything should have consequences to respond to the +'s . I would like for EVERYTHING to be customizable from Triggers to Ramrods, Stocks, Barrels, Flints, Sights, Bullets, bayonets, Even gunpowder and some basic rifles to start out like a springfield. But it would suck to be against super men running around with insta-kill almost instant reload. I know that wouldn't happen but Im just saying.

12-23-2013, 05:00 AM
rather then weapon progression may i suggest assigning a key to each step of load in nine times so that way the player would "actually" gain ability rather then simulate it. The faster you hit the key combination and the more accurate you are with timing the faster you reload. Imagine trying to hit the key combinations at the right time as bullets are whizzing around you, you may even skip a step and fire your ramrod at the enemy ;).

You could even include a single player drill mission where you practice the key combinations with prompts so when you get to the battlefield you have to remember the proper keys, order, and timing without any prompts.