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Please note this is not a guide of how to properly command a cav company or a comprehensive drill manual on how to be a cavalryman. This is just a quick list of some general rules of thumb to keep in mind that will save your ass over and over again when playing cavalry. Please also note these rules are all based on time I've spent playing NaS so some of them may not apply to WoR. Thank you for your time.

These are in no particular order by the way.

Rule 1: SPEED... IS... KEY! I can not stress this enough. Motionless cavalryman = dead cavalryman. As cavalry your greatest strength is your speed, take that away from you and your just a really, really big target for the enemy to shoot and stab at.

Rule 2: Don't charge in a straight line at someone pointing a musket at you. Pretty self explanatory. You may be moving fast, but if your not moving to the enemy's left or right your as easy to hit as if you were standing right in front of him, completely motionless. So if someone starts to aim at you turn away and start zig-zaging.

Rule 3: When attacking infantry look for a good target. The best target is someone without a fixed bayonet who is reloading. After that it's someone who has a loaded gun but no fixed bayonet. Then least favourable is someone with a fixed bayonet. Bonus points in all cases if they don't notice you coming (Rule 7 involved).

Rule 4: Stay clear of obstructions. I've seen it happen a million times. Noob cavalryman charges through a forest and slams into a tree. Gets shot a second later. Stay clear of anything that can stop you. Open fields only. If you have to, slow down to turn away from an obstruction, it's better than being stopped completely (Rule 1 involved).

Rule 5: Don't run into other cavalry. Running into another cavalryman will stop you just as fast as a brick wall will (Rule 4 involved). If your in formation always make sure theirs plenty of room for people to move around. Also avoid u-turning into incoming cavalry.

Rule 6: Don't fire on horseback. Telling a cavalry company to FOH is like telling an infantry company to fix bayonets and throw their rifles at the enemy line like harpoons. Sure you might kill 2 people if your lucky, but it's not worth the time and resources.

Rule 7: Undetected = Unstopable. One of cavalry's other big strengths is your ability to charge out of a hiding place and attack the enemy from behind so fast he won't notice until it's to late. USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! He can't do anything to you if he doesn't know your there.

For now that's it. If something else comes to mind I'll post it here. Later on I might make a section on how to deal with cavalry as an infantryman.

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