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03-04-2014, 06:14 AM
I was thinking about a way to make a regiments colors important in War of rights. The only thing i could think of was that if you were in a certain radius the presence of the colors would calm your nerves and reduce aim sway by a large margin. This might be a way to keep regiments together in the game ..

03-04-2014, 11:24 AM
Personally i am not a fan of those functions. Those colors should not be more than a signal or rally point for the regiment or commanding general, i cant see the context between a steady aim and a nearby color

03-04-2014, 11:47 AM
We have a few ideas about this - I won't tell you any details yet though, since the actual functions aren't set in stone/haven't been tested.

- Trusty

03-04-2014, 02:01 PM
since the actual functions aren't set in stone/haven't been tested.

- Trusty

Maybe a little spawn-on-the-flag system ? That actually would make sense. Looking forward hearing from you.



03-05-2014, 10:11 AM
We talked about this a while ago if I remember right. The main idea's where
1-Respawn at the flag
2-Some sort of buff when around the flag
3-I think we touched on ammo refill thing but can't remember

But I think they sever as a badass accessory for regiments rather then just a major feature.

03-06-2014, 06:01 AM
There are a few things I can tell you as to the matter of Colors. There certainly will be colors in the game, and we are endeavoring to make it so that each regiment is able to field their actual historical colors. While this is easy on the Northern end with the help of a colored General who wrote a lovely compendium in the 1870's on just that, it is much harder to find the flags of the Southern regiments, though it is possible. The problem in the latter case is that the flags that were not captured and preserved were often times ripped to shreds from the wear and tear of marching and being in the thick of the fight. A rebel Regiment might go so far as to destroy the flag rather than let it fall into enemy hands, though they much preferred preserving them. For instance, prior to being captured, a rebel soldier cut out the main part of their flag and sewed it to the inside of his jacket. He was captured, and then later exchanged, upon which he joined back up with his regiment and was able to present the flag back to them unharmed. Northern soldiers would be given medals of honor for capturing a rebel flag during a battle, allowing many to be preserved by the War Department, and then later handed to museums like the Museum of the Confederacy, which has quite the archive of carefully preserved and documented flags, among the rest of their exhibits.
It must be remembered that a flag was much more than a bit of silk and wood to its regiment. The Colors were the heart of it's morale and the way that a commander in the back was able to see who was who, as well as for the benefit of the comrades or enemies nearby. The flags were often sewn by the ladies of the town the regiment hailed from, a reminder of the loved ones at home whom they were fighting for and longed to return to. Imagine if your most cherished grandmother died, and she left a small keepsake behind which is all that is left of her to remind you by. Then imagine someone taking that keepsake away right in front of you, without you being able to do anything about it. That is what the colors meant to the men.

As to things like buffs or re-spawning, I am afraid that I must echo the trumpet of Trusty in that there is little set in stone as of yet. However, we will be sure to let you guys know first thing when things are more firmly established!

07-05-2014, 05:21 AM
Could not have said it better myself sir! Flags were indeed considered the heart of the regiment and very valued prizes if captured by either side. Most flags were given to the regiments in the town in which they were formed so the Flags had very significant meaning to the men and they protected them as such. In the heat of battle among the smoke, gunfire, and confusion imagine trying to hear an order to advance or retreat the soldiers could always follow their flag hence why we "Dress on the colors". Many regiments carried both a National and a state or regimental flag. As for spawning on the colors could you imagine trying to fend off an enemy charge when they keep spawning right in front of you?

07-09-2014, 04:50 AM
I personally love the idea of some kind of buff when near a raised color. I understand the idea of having it be what it was on paper( a rallying point and signal for the commanding officers) but i believe that it is important to try and capture the feel of fighting under your regiments colors and being inspired to follow them straight to damnation if need be. Now getting back to the raised part i also think it would be very realistic if the buffs where only applied to a raised color. IE your color bearer is shot to the ground and the colors fall, for however long the colors remain on the ground the buff is lost. If your colors are captured the buff is lost for your regiment for the remainder of the battle and so on....

The Emerald Archer
08-31-2014, 11:36 PM
The spawn on flag at first sounded great; however, with further thought it does not sound that great considering you'd literally have a nonstop wave of enemies as long as they had a flag in front of their charge. I say the flag gives you a speed and slight health buff when around it, with a loud "CHARGE" dialogue to signal it taking effect.