View Full Version : Need Help creating a company thread.

07-27-2016, 03:15 AM
My Mount and Blade Regiment is starting it's migration to War of Rights, and I can't figure out how to create a company thread, what info it should include, what ranks do what(Ranks are gonna be revised for our regiment) and how to make a cool photo for signatures.

If anyone could please tell me how to do any of this, that'd be great.

07-27-2016, 03:19 AM
http://http://www.warofrightsforum.com/showthread.php?957-Read-before-forming-a-unit! (http://www.warofrightsforum.com/showthread.php?957-Read-before-forming-a-unit!)

07-27-2016, 03:20 AM
Thanks! Just what I needed!