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06-01-2017, 04:16 AM
Im new to this style. I like to lead, i've always led in games like Day of Infamy and CS GO. Now this is rather different but it looks very appealing.

I found Hardees and Caseys tactics manuals. I will be reading into them soon. Any good visual research i can look into? I have been having a hard time finding good content.

How are the units looking, are people trying to make a super unit composed of multiple lines and skirmishers/cav/arty etc. or just making a single regiment specialized and looking to join matches with other specialized regiments.

If that was the case i wonder how leadership would be determined. Eventually once knowledgeable enough id like the huge power grab. Some may call me Caesar... :P :cool:

Do you believe we as a community can organize such a event where a general orchestrates formations?

Thank you for any reply.

PS: i know this is ambitious, however i will see you in the battlefield.

Lance Rawlings
06-01-2017, 04:57 AM
Hey Kevin, welcome to War of Rights!

Hardee's is the most well used drill manual by companies in game. Here you can see the only visual tactics from the manual that I know of:


The best way to learn is to really just hop in game and practice. We have a drill tomorrow (Thursday) at 8pm EST if you'd like to drill some with us.

I find that a lot of the more realistic units, like ours and the 42nd PA as well as others form as one would historically. We from companies, then with enough men we form battalions, and form battalions form regiments, then brigades, then divisions. Check out the associations threads to get an idea of how that works.

I know that the community can organize large events. We've done it before. Now there is now way that the highest ranking officer will need to be a general due to lack of numbers. I would say the optimistically highest rank you'll ever need in game is a Colonel for each side. And that's if you have say 6 companies (historically 10 for a full regiment) with at least 20 guys each. Those are rather small companies, but easier to control and still allow for a full regiment structure. And we're talking 120 per side then. We won't see server capabilities matching that for a long while I'd say.

And hey, we don't get anywhere without ambition, right? ;)

See you on the field!

PS feel free to add me on Steam: [38NC.K] Capt. Rawlings

06-02-2017, 04:12 AM
Hey Lance the reply is much appreciated. Id be interested in playing with you guys. Most likely Joining. I added you on steam.

Lance Rawlings
06-06-2017, 03:02 PM
Hey Lance the reply is much appreciated. Id be interested in playing with you guys. Most likely Joining. I added you on steam.

Hey Kevin, awesome! Sorry I just saw this, got back from a reenactment on Sunday and am just hopping back on the forums.