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Joseph High
06-04-2018, 06:38 PM
I was wondering if there was a community Discord server. Like one where everyone, including some devs, is a part of and Faction/Companies don't really matter besides maybe a role. If not, are people opposed to creating one? I feel like a community Discord would help people from different companies work together and help with activity when the servers are slower.

I know just last night before the servers temporarily went down for the hotfix patch, there were about 20 people on Harper's Ferry. Once the servers came back, there were only 5 people max in the game and when I got off, I was the last person. I feel, if there was Discord server, someone could have said the servers are back up and the battles could have continued. On a similar note, when new people purchase the game and get on at a slow time, they might fall under the impression that the game is dead. Having a community discord would allow people to announce that they're going to play in case others want to join them.

I do not think this should be where companies get together for voice chat while playing the game beyond maybe leaders of companies communicating with each other. But, I feel even that can just be done in game.

Overall I feel like it would be beneficial to everyone to have a community Discord server where we can all come together with light-hearted banter between companies or to discuss the game with each other. It might also help with new players seeing the behavior of companies and judging which company they want to join by their interactions with other members of the community. I do understand that the rivalries between companies can get a little heated every now and then, so the server might need to be heavily moderated but the people who are problems in the server could be punished accordingly.

Thoughts? Is there already a server that I don't know about? I tried searching the forums but I found nothing of the sort.

06-04-2018, 06:51 PM
Unofficial War of Rights Discord: https://discord.gg/CRPgy9z

War of Rights Community Discord: https://discord.gg/Tew855T

Joseph High
06-04-2018, 06:56 PM
Can we put these somewhere where they're found more easily?