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12-21-2019, 03:07 PM
The CA is a collection of Carolina regiments that have organized together to play in game. All Current regiments are from the Carolinas and wanted to bring the greatness of thoes states together for a home that we can all be happy with :) [If you are interested in joining one of the regiments, or getting your regiment in the CA plz contact me on steam: CA-(1st SC) Col. Shadowlorn

1st South Carolina Regiment: Col Shadowlorn
12th South Carolina Regiment: Maj Duck
15th South Carolina Regiment: Cpt Craps
6th South Carolina Regiment: Cpt Fluffy
21st North Carolina Regiment: Col. Vasen
1st North Carolina E Company: Cpt Nike (spanish Regiment)

Wensday 7pm EST (public Skimish with the FA)
Friday 8pm EST (Firday skirmish with the FA)
Saturday 3pm EST/ 8pm GMT (Grand Campign event 18+ Regiments)
Sunday 3pm EST/8pm Gmt (Drills/event Swaped Bi weekly)