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The Union Vth Corps

The unit better known as V Corps was formed within the Army of the Potomac on May 18, 1862 as V Corps Provisional, which was engaged in the Peninsula Campaign to seize Richmond.
The V Corps fought in several battles throughout the Peninsula Campaign, including Hanover Court House, Mechanicsville, Gaines's Mill, Glendale, and Malvern Hill. The corps' losses in the Seven Days Battles were 995 killed, 3,805 wounded, and 2,801 captured or missing, totaling 7,601, or half the entire loss of the army. Of these casualties, 6,837 occurred at Gaines's Mill; the remainder at Mechanicsville, Glendale, and Malvern Hill. The corps was temporarily enlarged on June 14 by George A. McCall's division of Pennsylvania Reserves, which included future stars John F. Reynolds and George G. Meade. The corps fought stoutly at Gaines' Mill in particular, where Porter commanded the Union forces that included only the V Corps and Henry W. Slocum's 1st Division of the VI Corps against nearly the entire Confederate Army of Northern Virginia. After the Peninsula Campaign, the Pennsylvania Reserves returned to McDowell's corps.

George McClellan held a special admiration for the V Corps, especially as Fitz-John Porter was a close personal friend of his, and he often touted it as a model outfit the rest of the army should imitate. The general officers in the corps were all West Pointers and contained no political appointees or nonprofessionals. The presence of regular army troops added a more professional air to the V Corps than the others, and discipline and drills were typically stricter. In addition, the army artillery reserve was attached to the corps.


1st New Jersey

Discord Link:https://discord.gg/FaKdt55
1st. Lt. Reznikov (A)
1st. Lt Kotter (B)
2nd Lt. Mihaly (A)
1st. Sgt. Reyes (A)

1st Massachusetts
Discord Link:https://discord.gg/HfuKg4n

Col. Murray
Lt. Col. Madmike
Maj. Park
Sergeant Major Mustang
Capt. Perconti
1st. Lt. Viking
Capt. Tuck
1st Lt. Langely

1st Maryland Battery B
http://i.imgur.com/62vVXhpl.jpg (https://imgur.com/62vVXhp)

Discord Link:https://discord.gg/zGfxG6s

Captain Diablog
1st Sergeant Velo (Senior NCO)
Corporal Kovac (1st Gun commander)
Corporal Bluedevil11 (2nd Gun commander)

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V Corps debrief after its battle with the Texas Brigade!

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