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10-21-2015, 04:58 AM
I think this would be an interesting thing so a regiment could setup in the forest while there waiting for the order to attack from the general. Also it could act as a mobile spawn point but has to be x amount of meters away from an enemy so you can't just plop it anywhere, and I wouldn't think you would want to implement this in skirmish mode just because of how small the area of conflict would be.

Jonny Powers
10-21-2015, 10:58 AM
I think this would be best implemented if games are expected to take hours. Any idea on the approximate time a full scale match is going to take?

10-21-2015, 11:21 AM
I think in the full battle mode if they get their goal amount of players which is 700 a match could possible take over an hour but probably not for a while as people would just charge in and die for the first few months after release. however, release is a long way away.

10-21-2015, 12:28 PM
... amount of players which is 700 a match ....

i have never read that 700 players will be supported, the last information i have is that they are AIMING to support 200 players for the battle mode

A. P. Hill
10-21-2015, 01:02 PM
I think camp equipment would be a great addition, it is all a part of the experience. Especially so when we get to recreating battles like Shiloh and Stones River and others where camps were over run.

10-21-2015, 01:11 PM
I had a thread about this earlier.

10-21-2015, 02:17 PM
This would be great should there ever be a mode that can take up to days (if that is possible at all)

10-21-2015, 05:33 PM
Project Reality style FOB building would be sweet.

10-21-2015, 09:25 PM
yes and you like cant use it when enemy players get within a certain distance so it's not OP

10-21-2015, 11:13 PM
Project Reality style FOB building would be sweet.

Agreed but the only thing is im worried about a troll putting this in the middle of a battle and people spawning behind their lines.

A. P. Hill
10-22-2015, 02:02 AM
I had a thread about this earlier.

Go drag it up and post a link. :)

10-22-2015, 09:29 AM
Project Reality style FOB building would be sweet.

They should look at Squad (New Game on UE4 from PR devs) that kind of system would work so well for a Game like WOR:


Swap out Sandbag walls, concrete barriers and Hescos for these:-


and wooden barricades etc


Anti cavalry barricades:







Instead of mortars and .50 cal emplacements, have Civil War Weaponry like cannons and Gatling Guns.

This really is something WOR devs should look into, arguably it's a bit exploitable in Squad due to Fully automatic Weaponry but in a Game like this with single Shot muskets and a focus on Melee Weaponry it could work really well. They've also updated the spawn system in Squad so that FOB's can be spawned on until they start getting over run and Rally points have a limited number of spawns attached to them (like 10 spawns or something). I hope this is looked into as it could make the Battles in this Game far more tactical and would also help emulate the feeling of a bigger Battle if their Goal of 200 player servers isn't realised.