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https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/pw/ACtC-3c2aB963GASKzdwU274r39uIikO5AfwTylXuNNTvmjMd-tLkibWUPA_DxUJjUaaLFHjjqKf50h5hpYaqXNEdxQA-EXvUqhCy8iE5WTNbaW_Z4B6tsWUPitMVV6K1iwDu_DH7Fj5cF8 RvkhrYthixn4I=s937-no?authuser=0


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https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/pw/ACtC-3foz5Nv9RBDjMr7lGc6qyRfYmxqcXipJnapMpYdoVdQJSBaiHX 8tP8dl8cyKfnb2qfNFy7sauaWddR4GLpp6qvEjkpEeR6zzLXsW aulXxYEbd1X-0gCS-hZtCcLV0Sc3hcdO0pxttfuxmxnFocSWy1i=w960-h640-no?authuser=0

About Us

Rowan's Battery was brought back to life by Captain Tea early in 2020 and has since grown into an active and well trained unit . We pride ourselves on our professionalism on the field, and our shenanigans off it. We play every weekend as part of Hood's Division, a large and active community within War of Rights. We also attend both EU and NA events with members from all over the globe so all are welcome!

Rowan's Artillery History

The Rowan Artillery was called up 3 May 1861 for twelve months service. The men were organized in Salisbury, North Carolina before being sent to Weldon, North Carolina where the men would enter the Confederate service for 3 years or the duration of the war.

It was here that Captain James Reilly took command of the artillery unit. Reilly was an Irish Immigrant, who had been a member of the United States regular army. He had fought during the Mexican American War in artillery and at the start of the War Between the States; Reilly was the Ordnance Sergeant at the United State post of Fort Johnston in Smithville, North Carolina. He was known in the service as “Old Tarantula”, and was described by a soldier of the 4th Texas as “rough, gruff, grizzly and brave. He loved his profession and knew his business.”

The Rowan Artillery served at the Battles of Williamsburg and Yorktown. They were with General Thomas J Jackson during his valley campaign and in the Seven Days Battles. During a reorganization of the Confederate Artillery in the spring of 1863, the Rowan Artillery; now called by many, Reilly’s Battery, was placed in Confederate Major Mathis W Henry’s Battalion, a part of Major General James Longstreet’s Corps.

Captain Reilly and his men arrived on the field at Gettysburg on 2 July 1863. Sometime before 4 pm Major Henry had the guns placed on the crest of Warfield Ridge, in front of Confederate John Bell Hood’s Division. This was the right wing of the Confederate line of battle that day. The ground was open and the sight lines to Devils Den and Little Round Top were good. Reilly’s men brought six pieces to the field, 2 Napoleons, 2 three inch rifles and 2 ten pound Parrotts.

During the long cannonade on 2 July, as the Confederate -attack was being made, one of the Rowan’s rifled pieces burst. The gun was replaced that night by a captured Union 10 pounder, most likely from Smith’s 4th New York Independent Battery.

On 3 July Major Henry had Reilly move two of his guns; the Parrotts, to the far right of the Confederate line. It was these 2 guns which took part in repelling a Union cavalry charge made by Brigadier General Elon Farnsworth at about 5 pm. The last of the action on the Gettysburg Battlefield.


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Welcome Tea!

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Welcome Tea!

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Forever the Golden Boys of artillery. Love watchin' y'all turn crowds into red mist!

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Welcome to the CSA!

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Totally not late to the congrats of opening up Rowans, but congrats Tea!

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Thanks chaps! Always happy to red mist for the boys!

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wildmen, cultured and refined. these boys are scary to face

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Welcome to the CSA!!! YEE YEE!!!

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Glad to see Hood's Division!

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