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Col. J Knight
09-12-2020, 05:24 AM
Join the Tennessee Brigade today! We started as a 8 man infantry company! We have now grown to over 200 enlisted members! We work hard and strive to push to be the best that we can be!

TN Brigade organization!
Brigade Command:
Brigadier General Knight
Colonel Turtle
Lt. Colonel Botchers

Infantry Division:
7th Tennessee
Commanded by
Lt. Colonel Knudsonbros

Battalion Commanders:
1st Battalion: Major Random Russian
2nd Battalion: Major Krowd Killa

Company Commanders:
Co. A: Captain tspranger
Co. B: Captain Drone
Co. C: Captain Warmachine
Co. D: Captain Steelz
Co. E: Captain MacWee
Co. F: Captain Wick

Tennessee Cavalry Division:
Commanded by
Lt. Colonel Shack

Battalion Commanders:
1st Battalion: Major Meliodas

Company Commanders:
Co. A: Captain Shaun
Co. B: Captain Atomica

Tennessee Battery Division:
Commanded by
Lt. Colonel Thunderfook

Battalion Commanders:
Major DragonoftheWeast
Battery Commanders:
Battery A: Captain Woflgang
Battery B: Captain Peaches

Our weekly Schedule:

EU Southern Aggression Line Battle Event 2PM EST
Brigade Drill 8PM EST
Monday: Infantry Drill 8PM EST
Wednesday: Artillery Drill 8PM EST
Thursday: Cavalry Drill 8PM EST
Friday: Southern Aggression Line battle Event 8PM EST
EU Grand Campaign 2PM EST
NA North and South 9PM EST

If you are interested in joining the Tennessee Brigade as a Unit, and or as a member! You can join up and join the fight to reclaim Tennessee Glory! Join the fight today!

Lord Drax
09-12-2020, 07:21 AM
Best of luck! You may want to set sights on a Brigade or Division before trying to form an Army. Glad to see some Tennessee units though!

09-12-2020, 12:21 PM
I re enacted 7th Tn Co B many years ago

A. P. Hill
09-12-2020, 05:34 PM

Welcome to the CSA.

09-15-2020, 09:06 PM
Best of luck to y'all! Look forward to seeing you guys grow and prosper.

09-15-2020, 09:41 PM
Best of luck had a great time fighting together at NaS event last Saturday night!

11-01-2020, 03:49 AM
Tennessee leads the way! Yee yee

11-02-2020, 12:54 AM
Rocky Top Tennessee!!!

03-11-2021, 03:02 AM