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Unit History
The 15th Regiment of Alabama Infantry was a Confederate volunteer infantry unit from the state of Alabama during the American Civil War. Recruited from six counties in the southeastern part of the state, it fought mostly with Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, though it also saw brief service with Braxton Bragg and the Army of Tennessee before returning to Virginia for the duration of the war. Out of 1958 men listed on the regimental rolls throughout the conflict, 261 are known to have fallen in battle, with sources listing an additional 416 deaths due to disease, 218 were captured (46 died), 66 deserted and 61 were transferred or discharged. By the end of the war, only 170 men remained to be paroled.

The 15th Alabama is most famous for being the regiment that confronted the 20th Maine on Little Round Top during the Battle of Gettysburg on July 2, 1863. Despite several ferocious assaults, the 15th Alabama was ultimately unable to dislodge the Union troops, and was eventually forced to retreat in the face of a desperate bayonet charge led by the 20th Maine's commander, Col. Joshua L. Chamberlain.
Maryland Campaign
Next up was Lee's Maryland Campaign, where the 15th Alabama saw action at

Battle of Harper's Ferry from September 12–15, 1862; negligible losses.
Battle of Antietam (called "Sharpsburg" in regimental records) on September 17, 1862; 9 killed and 75 wounded, out of 300 engaged.
Battle of Shepherdstown on September 19, 1862; losses not given.
After Antietam, acting brigade commander Col. James A. Walker cited Cpt. Isaac B. Feagin, acting regimental commander, for outstanding performance while extolling the regiment as a whole: "Captain Feagin, commanding the Fifteenth Alabama regiment, behaved with a gallantry consistent with his high reputation for courage and that of the regiment he commanded".

Company Role
The company will predominantly be an infantry unit, but we will also train in light infantry tactics and maybe even artillery. Sharpshooting will not be our role in game but we will pride ourselves with being expert marksmen. As the unit grows we will add more companies and will eventually add an artillery unit. We aim to be an elite unit and will train hard to attain that status. We will take missions that are too dangerous for most men and do what few have done. We will win honor and glory on the field of battle. We will be the envy of our southern brothers and will instill terror in the yankees.

Rank Structure
Private: An enlisted man in the army who held the lowest rank. Privates are responsible for following orders and giving hell to the enemy. They were trained very hard in the sense that they would deal as much damage as possible towards the rebels. Consider them the testing dummy in all situations of combat. They go down before anybody else, because they're the least of experienced men. However, they're the backbone of any army!

Corporal: The duties of a corporal are simple. They are choosen upon for their leadership abilities. If anybody is going to lead a fireteam of 5 men, it's gonna be them. They take charge of the smaller details for fatigue and police duty in camp and garrison duty. They're your "Corporal of the Guard" which means they're choosen to lead a small unit. They frequently succeed in the responsibilities of sergeants in his absence, and should therefore be familiar with his duties.

Sergeant: One of the most iconic ranks in military history. The sergeant would lead by example towards his men and push them to their limits. The sergeant was also in charge of a small section of soldiers called a platoon. He had the authority to shoot any who dared go against “his” orders or orders from a higher rank, even if his men showed cowardice he was allowed to shoot them.

First Sergeant: The first sergeant is more experienced then a regulary sergeant. He had the same abilities as any other sergeant. He was even tougher on his men, and would love to shoot a man who presented cowardice. Don't flee in a battle, is the one thing he taught his men.

Sergeant Major: Sergeant major has more control over a first sergeant. However, if they were absent it was a first sergeant who had to step up. A sergeant major

Second Lieutenant: The second lieutenant typically command four squads if the first lieutenant was absent in the chain of command. The second lieutenant is often chosen carefully.

First Lieutenant: Also commanded four squads. If they're absent, it's the second lieutenants job. These men were quite experienced and trusted by their captains. A captain depends on his Lieutenant's.

Captain: A captain lead a company. Every company has a captain or else it isn't a company. He typically commanded two squads directly, and the rest was on his lieutenants. That is why lieutenants are in charge of four squads.

Major: When a colonel fell a major came into action to replace him. In the Civil War officers were falling constantly so there was always someone to replace the next man up. Otherwise there was no way to keep up with a gory battle!

Regimental Rules
-No advertising radical ideologies
Keep that shit to yourself

-No being a dick/snowflake
The 15th Alabama does not tolerate people acting this way

-Harassment is not tolerated
Be kind to all of our fellow members

-Be a good representative of the 15thAL
As a member of the 15thAL, you represent us at all times

-No gore or sexually graphic content
All gore or sexually explicit content is strictly forbidden

-Do not speak on behalf of the officers
Always defer any community or regimental issues to the officers

-Respect all Commissioned Officers
Show respect for all 15thAL officers at all times

-Don’t give yourself roles
Make sure you have an officer sign off on any roles you need

-Minimum age is 15
Minimum age to enlist is 15, per discord guidelines

In relation to historical topics, certain rules may be voided.

-Freedom of Speech
Pursuant to the US Constitution, all members of the 15thAL have the freedom to talk freely, in accordance with the above rules.
Please try to use correct channels!

Event Schedule
Our event schedule:
Monday Pubstomp 7:00pm EST
Tuesday Pubstomp 7:00pm EST
Thursday Drill Day Mustering at 7:30pm EST Starts at 8:00pm EST
Friday Pubstomp 8:30pm EST
EU Event: Saturday (Grand Campaign) 3:30pm EST/8:30pm GMT
NA Event: (North and South)
8:00PM EST: Pregame
9:00PM EST Server Up

Contact Information
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/6quzkSH
Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Dimebag2001
Company Tool: https://warofrights.com/CT_ViewCompany?companyID=6825#companyToolHeader

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