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Ben H. Phillips
11-13-2020, 08:26 AM


Being formed 10/15/2020 This Battalion plans to have both private & public Events and thrives to have a opportunity to both Pubs & Regimental/ Company Members as a way to enjoy the Game for what it is, A team based game here we Allow Companies from both Union & CSA as we feel we should have a fair share for Pubs to have a variety of Choices

We plan to have 2 Brigades in the way future 1 US 1 CS each brigade will have 5 battalions commanded by a Major & SgtMaj each battalion will have 3 Companies
(2 Infantry 1 Specialized for example Arty, Sharps, Cav, Etc.)

we also would like to put in a Pub system where Pubs can come in and have fun but for private events only they will have to wear tags as said below


Q1: do we have Brigade tags?
A1: No only Brigade/ Battalion Staff will have Tags Companies will not unless people want it

Q2: What do ya mean by "Opportunity for both Regimental Members & Pubs"?
A2: What i mean by this is that i want Pub members to also be welcome to Merc for events be it a Pub Match or Private but if its a private match they'll have to use "[WGB]Merc. Name" or 1 of the Company Tags of their Choice (must be a company of the Battalion)

If you have any Question feel free to ask or add me

Thread Will no longer be worked on due to me not having alot of Time

WGB Discord - https://discord.gg/pWRdzyj

WGB Roster - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12kdYPLfJ6AbW9k5E01U4rMboKPHTHBfDaAwMxzqCWF0/view?usp=sharing

NAS Event 11/21/2020


NAS Event 12/5/2020


WGB Cinematic #1


Ben H. Phillips
11-13-2020, 08:27 AM
*Reserved* this took me 3-4hrs to do and god i feel it was worth it

And its good to be back havent been here since December 2019 (& Briefly 2020 in 6thWI)

Ben H. Phillips
11-21-2020, 04:44 AM
Recently we have gained 2 new units 5th New Hampshire & Thompson's PA Battery (forgot to welcome the 5thNY so i'll do it here) Welcome to all new units to the WGB

Ben H. Phillips
11-26-2020, 02:31 AM
Forum Update
2ndUS Co.A recently joined as they just formed and we hope to help them grow
added a Media section along with made the Brigade Staff Steams as a spoiler

Ben H. Phillips
12-07-2020, 11:25 PM
| Forum Update |
alot of units moved around
2 New Videos in Media
we are now at 4 Battalions (since 2ndUS was moved the 4th Battalion)
Multiple Company tools added

| 3 New & 1 Changed units |
14th Brooklyn Co.B & 1st Ohio Battery (Branched off from 26th New York Company A)
10th Maine Company A (Formally 5th New York Company A)
4th Pennsylvania Company B Commanded by Moss