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01-02-2021, 12:02 AM

1st Maryland is a North American regiment that has grown organically from the community as a collaboration of players who like to have fun and think that winning is fun. We are the largest independent regiment in the community. Our primary form of communication is Discord. We honor the Americans who fought on both sides of the war by choosing to represent both 1st Maryland USA and 1st Maryland CSA.


The roots of 1st Maryland trace back to the classic line-battle games of the past such as Battlegrounds 2, Napoleonic Wars, as well as North and South. We are led by LaBelle, whose experience in line battling spans several games and experience in administration spans several communities. He is joined by an administrative and field support staff that ensure the vitality and integrity of the organization.

1st Maryland currently fields 3 infantry companies consisting of Company A, B, and C. Each of these companies has a squad of detachable sharpshooters that new privates can take a qualification test to enter. 1st Maryland is also proud to field it's own 1st Maryland Battery. Each of these sections are led by our Captains have been carefully curated for their demeanor, management skills, and dedication.

We are a War of Rights organization at our core but more importantly we are a gaming community with a focus on historical and niche first person shooters, simulations, creative building, and strategy games.

Our event schedule is as follows:


War of Rights Event - Skirmish
7:30 PM EST


War of Rights Event - Skirmish
7:30 PM EST


Monday Funday
7:30 PM EST


Off Day


War of Rights Event - Picket Patrol
7:30 PM EST


War of Rights Event - Drills (Once or twice per month)
8:00 PM EST


Game Night
8:00 PM EST

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