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About the 1st Virginia Cavalry "Shepherdstown Troop"

The 1st Virginia Cavalry are a well-trained cavalry regiment specializing in reconnaissance and skirmishing in the game War of Rights. It is run by myself, Major Winn, a 3-year veteran of this game and commander of the vaunted 2nd U.S. Sharpshooters that fought for the Union with distinction, and gained a reputation as 'crack shots' and some of the best in the Union army. I look to use those same aggressive and smart tactics to serve the Confederacy bringing new challenges and a varied perspective strategically as viewed from both sides of the conflict.

Once cavalry is introduced, we will be an aggressive fighting force flanking and maneuvering into advantageous positions. Drill will occur once a week with 1-2 events per week. During drill we will work strictly on field tactics, maneuvering, hand-to-hand and sharpshooting. We will emphasize and practice our shooting skills on the move, while standing and while kneeling behind cover. Armed with the Sharps Carbine Rifle, a revolver, and a cavalry sword, we will be the ultimate fighting force on the field of battle.

Fast, maneuverable, and always with good tactics...we will prevail.

We are unique in that we will not fight in line formation but rather will fight as skirmishers in looser formations (for the most part) and look to work closely with other regiments when the strategy calls for it. At other times we will work independently specifically in the areas of reconnaissance and a general harassment of the enemy wherever we can.

The 1st Virginia Cavalry is a mature-minded unit and will not tolerate flaming, trolling, racism or immature behavior in-game or in the forums. With that said we’re not a bunch of ‘stiffs' either and look to make this a fun experience for all involved.

We will always strive for realism and an authentic experience in-game and you can expect that we will often be aggressive in seeking out the enemy and doing our part to whittle them down whenever possible. This means fighting in small groups and often alone and separate from the main battle lines.

If it's a good fit apply below and we look forward to you serving with you out on the fields of glory.

The Historic 1st Virginia Cavalry


The 1st Virginia Cavalry completed its organization at Winchester, Virginia, in July 1861, under the command of Colonel (J.E.B.) Stuart at the command of General Thomas Jackson. Co. F - which we portray - was mustered into service in Shepherdstown in Jefferson County, VA on April 18, 1861. Company F boasted a namesake to Abraham Lincoln, a private from Jefferson County.

Unlike most regiments, the 1st contained twelve companies from the counties of Amelia, Augusta, Berkeley, Clarke, Frederick, Gloucester, Jefferson, Loudoun, Rockbridge, Rockingham, and Washington.

The 1st Virginia Cavalry participated in more than 200 engagements of various types throughout the American Civil War, during which it was reorganized several times. Its significant casualties at the First Battle of Bull Run led to reorganization and placement under the command of Brigadier General J.E.B. Stuart.

However, members were allowed to elect their lower officers, and they failed to re-elect career U.S. army officer and future Confederate general William E. Jones, who was then transferred to lead the 7th Virginia Cavalry. Thus, Gen. Stuart relayed his orders to Lt. Col. (and future Virginia governor)Fitzhugh Lee. In 1863, further Confederate Army reorganization placed the First Virginia Cavalry under the command of General Williams Carter Wickham (formerly of the 4th Virginia Cavalry). Although decimated by casualties and surrenders under General Jubal Early as it defended the Shenandoah Valley at the war's end, the First Virginia Cavalry technically ended the war under the command of Gen. Thomas T. Munford (formerly of the 2nd Virginia Cavalry).

Event Schedule

Drill/Event Schedule

Sunday - 7 EST Drill followed by 8 EST Battle


Step 1: Click the graphic below to volunteer on Company Tool using that name. You can change your name by clicking on 'view enlistment papers' and modifying your name there.

https://i.ibb.co/3rgG6T7/1st-VA-Signature.jpg (https://warofrights.com/CT_ViewCompany?companyID=7470#companyToolHeader)

Step 2: Join our Discord (https://discord.gg/sySS7cg5Dc), announce who you enlisted as, and we'll get you situated.

Step 3: Get ready to have some fun utilizing skirmishing tactics with a good group of guys who love War of Rights and Civil War history.

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