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07-19-2022, 12:24 AM

Unit Name: 8th Virginia "The Bloody 8th"

Region: North America

About us: The 8th Virginia was formed for War of Rights. If you would like to be on the front lines join the infantry, if you would like to blow up shit join the artillery join what your heart desires. This is a military game so we strive to bring that type gameplay to our members while still trying to have a good time. So if you would like to be apart of our ever growing unit hop on over what are you waiting for JOIN US TODAY!


8th Virginia Infantry Regiment

Jordan's Bedford Artillery

What we offer:

- Casual gaming not only in War of Rights but other games too!

- We strive to bring some realism to the mix while having a good time.

- A casual & friendly community but with a historically appropriate ranking organization.

- Muiltple fun events. All non-mandatory!

- A sign up system, where you sign up for events, you are expected to show up!

- A place for same thinking people to hangout and make memories!

Discord Invite:

8th Virginia Infantry Marching through Brandy Station, Va. in June 1863


07-20-2022, 10:12 AM
Salutations from Company 'H' of the 8th Virginia!

07-23-2022, 11:20 PM
Nice to see another 8th Virginia in the community!

A. P. Hill
07-24-2022, 02:39 AM

Welcome to the CSA.

(just a note, this should actually be under the companies sub forum. :) )