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About Irish Brigade 19th/16th

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About Irish Brigade 19th/16th
kells Meath Ireland
Irish Born Americans THE IRISH VOLUNTEES
Professional Gambler
My Name is Pat Kelly and I'm from Kells County Meath Ireland …

Due to the Irish Great Famine in 1851 I moved to London England.

Now I'm a professional gambler and have been for 5 years in 1856 I gained recognition and respect when I fought 4 duels over 4 days. My respect was gained by both my gallant behaviour on the field but also for honesty in admitting that it was a pleasure for me to be fighting duels with the English nobility, due to there none payment of card playing debts.

I was arrested for fighting duels with the English nobility but ultimately saved from death by my Irish brothers who helped me to escape to America.

My new home was in Jackson, Mississippi, it's not New Orleans but I like it.
As before I went back to gambling up and down the Mississippi River, I was well known for my skills as a poker player and had a reputation, as so many people are willing and even eager to risk their money in exchange for a chance at something bigger and better. The elements of risk and uncertainty actually add to gambling's appeal and to its danger, " You must have an element of skill and they did not, the good times I had. "

It was not long before I had a similar altercation, as in England with a gambler called John Bull over "NOT cards but his wife." I had one of his promissory notes pledging a future payment to me but this did not cover his wife.

So I escape to the Confederate Army volunteering for my new life as soldier.

In the July 1861, having been Confederate forces for only 36 days, having no time for additional training I arrived from the Shenandoah Valley training camp by railroad to Manassas Junction, Virginia (25 miles from Washington, D.C.) along a little river known as Bull Run., I was apart of a brigade of Virginians under a unknown brigadier general, called Thomas J. Jackson,

We launched a strong counterattack, and as the Union troops began withdrawing under fire, many panicked and the retreat it turned into a rout, It was our day and I was with "Stonewall" rejoicing at the Battle of Manassas, what next I do not now but, looking at the retreating Yankees, this war will be over soon.

"Any way anyone for a game of poker boy's."



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