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Thread: Union Order of Battle Company Overview

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    If it is not dead and if it is possible to upload this into a google doc instead and Hills could have more people to help him keep this kind of task, I would be willing to give a helping hand in afew weeks when i have more time on my hands

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    Well it almost took forever BUT!

    Let's see if this works.


    IMPORTANT, Dropbox will not allow the preview of this particular file extension, however, it will allow you to download the file to your computer, where your computer will tell you the download is complete. You can either save it or just go ahead and open it. PLEASE allow it some time to do this, once it opens, you will be prompted about needing permission to download content, allow that to happen.

    As you view the OOB, you will see numbers in highlight over the companies that are per the pages here. Mousing over those highlighted numbers will provide you with the creator of the company and the date the creator formed his post.

    Some of you have deleted and reformed, or moved to whatever, so please if you have created a company and see your name in an errant location please PM me for corrections.


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