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Thread: Frequently Asked Questions [please look here, before you ask]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mastergunner_19k View Post
    New to the forum and about to purchase the game over this weekend, my main concern I assume is that my availability due to rl responsibility would make it difficult to join a unit of players. I am not sure how lenient those groups are and have yet to find any concrete posts regarding this...(also currently working so not much time to go through posts lol) any advice for a future civil war soldier in the making? Tips etc?
    Very few of the active and lasting clans in this community are terribly particular about your attendance so long as you aren't hungry for promotion. When I was Captain of a company of infantry, I always took roll for the sake of promotions based upon merit, but I never rebuked anyone for having real life responsibilities and speaking as a husband and father myself, I prefer men in my ranks who have wisdom enough to keep the peace in their own home.

    Looking forward to seeing you on the field.
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    Sounds like a very fair point of view, and no promotions are not what I am aiming for, just having fun in this game and experience it with other likeminded people...I had my RL promotions before I retired from the Army so it is time for me to simply enjoy life without stress. Thank you for the kind words Sir

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    i was trying to find out if the official US servers are reset/Refreshed on a set schedule? is it a daily thing?

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