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Thread: Looking for a company/members.

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    Enlist In The 2nd Maryland Volunteer Infantry Today!

    Join the 2nd Maryland Volunteer Infantry. Fight with Marylanders in the Maryland Campaign in order to defend or free Maryland. The 2nd Maryland Volunteer Infantry is a NEUTRAL company accepting both Confederate and Union players. We are 27 active men and growing with 15 already owning the alpha and hope to gain more men to fill in squad platoon and sectional roles such as command or just the back bone of the company. We wish to be semi-realistic but still wish to have fun while doing so. So join today either sign and application on the forum or join on the company tool and within 1-3 days you will be accepted.

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    Great choices

    Quote Originally Posted by Ross View Post
    Hello I am Captain Ross of the 95thNew York (and I am hard to understand) we are a mixed American and European Company Here is my steam if you are intrested from there I will inform you of our operations.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bravescot View Post
    42nd Pennsylvania's Company F is all EU members and all we do is drill and sing songs. . If you're inserted please do add me:

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    20th New York Volunteers

    20th New York Volunteers Co. A
    "Presented by the Ladies of Poughkeepsie!"

    We're a German and English speaking Regiment which loves historical accuracy.
    if you're interested in joining or look for some more information just click HERE
    We're participating in regularly Drills and Events with the TGV (The German Volunteers)

    Captain von Platen

    The recruitment add is German and says:
    Recruits will be officially sworn in and feed immediately
    Bounty: $552 for Veterans
    $175 for Recruits
    according to the General-Orbre (don't know what that is) 191 of the War-Department from the 15. June 1863.
    Headquater: Nr. 104 Bowery
    Office hours from 10 to 4 o'Clock
    Georg Wagner, Adjutant
    20. Regt. N. Y. Vol.

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    Accidentaly posted it two times...
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    After long anticipation will now be mustering the

    1st South Carolina Rifles
    Company A "Keowee Riflemen"

    Under the auspice leadership of Captain John Dewitt, the Company will be accepting volunteers as off today. Brave Carolinians do wait for the Draft but volunteer at once! Both our Sister State and the Virginians need our help to battle the traitorous Yankees.

    Look no further than here: The Keowee Rifles.

    Currently seeking to muster a new force, including positions for enlisted men, commissioned and non-commissioned officers.

    I guarantee,

    ➱ Voice led leadership.
    ➱ Years of FPS experience leading actual platoon sized groups in combat.
    ➱ Accurate tactical doctrine.


    Captain of the Army of the Confederate States of America,

    John Dewitt

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    If you want a fun, competitive, roleplay based company that plays to WIN, volunteer for the Columbus Guards today!

    Our battle TS:

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    2Lt. Obadiah Peyton. 2nd Georgia Infantry Company G

    Major Charles S Peyton - 19th Virginia Infantry
    John Daniel Belcher - 13th Georgia Infantry
    Elijah Clark Belcher - 47th Georgia Infantry
    William Hughes - 7th Wisconsin Infantry
    Cpt. Thomas J Peyton - Fry's Company, Virginia Light Artillery

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    Recruits are wanted for the 1st Texas Infantry Regiment!
    Any player looking for a group with teamwork and aggressive style of gameplay look no further!

    Company List:
    Company A
    Company B
    Company E
    Company F

    Company H

    Videos of 1st Texas In action!

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    The 14th Brooklyn Company B (84th New York Company B) is looking for players interested in a semi-realistic company. We will focus on tactics of the time (no lone wolves), but maintain a relaxed environment because it is a game after all. Look us up on the forum or the company tool!

    Captain DrumThumpinMonkey

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    A group of people who meet in-game or on the forum with a love for the Artillery. Bundled our forces and this way promoting our batteries. A fun experience and at a later stage we shall see how and who we will support on the field.

    **Richmond Howitzers (VA) Artillery 1st Company (A)(formed)
    Commanding Officer: Capt. E. S. McCarthy
    2 10-pdr. Parrott
    2 6-pdr. Gun

    **2nd Maryland Light Artillery (Baltimore)(formed)
    Commanding Officer: Capt. J. B. Brockenbrough
    1 3-in. Ordnance Rifle
    1 Blakely
    1 10-pdr. Parrott
    1 12-pdr. Howitzer

    **Madison Light Artillery (LA) "Moody's Battery"(formed)
    Commanding Officer: Capt. George V. Moody
    2 3-in. Ordnance Rifle
    2 24-pdr. Howitzer

    Join the Richmond Howitzers Battery A today!

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