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Thread: Looking for a company/members.

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    We have one or two events a week and one on the weekends, as well as one training session each week, for a total of three events weekly.
    Armed with Sharps breechloading rifles, the battalion fights in both line and skirmish formations, as a homage to the historic unit's disregard for the rule book.

    Battalion officers hold a pool of knowledge and skills, and the NCO corps walks their own path of specialization.
    This winning combination creates a team able to train men in all forms of combat. Players are recruited from all across the community with a wide range of different abilities; all are welcome in the 42nd Pennsylvania as long as you keep to the rules.

    Apply now!

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    Holdfast group looking for mercenary opportunities with regiment

    We have a small group of our holdfast members who are looking to join a regiment in a mercenary capacity. Preferably to run as a small splinter line under the same banner. We occasionally attend events with the 39th but are looking for a regiment that have more of an active attendance in events. Due to our holdfast schedule we cannot commit to a full WOR schedule but would like to hop in to the odd event once or twice a week. Happy to change our tags to reg tags etc.

    Steam id:

    Anyone who could help us out please add me on steam.


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