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Thread: Looking for a company/members.

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    Recruits are wanted for the 1st Texas Infantry Regiment!
    Any player looking for a group with teamwork and aggressive style of gameplay look no further!

    Company List:
    Company A
    Company B
    Company E
    Company F

    Company H

    Videos of 1st Texas In action!

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    I'll make this as brief as possible. I'm Gaines, better known in the NW community as Sir Doctor Professor and I have extensive experience in the battlefield leadership and senior administration of units. I don't have the NaS/WoR community connections required to take on the management of a unit alone so I'm looking to see if any existing units are looking for officers. If you're interested I can offer greater detail on my past exploits and I'm obviously willing to be subject to a trial period in the position that I would hopefully fill. I'm NA but I have a flexible schedule so as far as times are concerned so I should be able to work with a unit from any region. I currently have an existing unit (2nd Mississippi, Company F) with a dozen or so members that has been in a state of suspension due to time constraints I was subject to until recently. If I secure a position in your unit I will disband the 2nd MS Co. F and integrate what members of it I can corral into yours. I can be contacted on Steam here. I look forward to hearing back!
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