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Thread: Looking for a company/members.

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    5th Texas Company F is now recruiting! We need all able bodied men to join and take arms against the Yankee scum! Join the discord to talk to us, add me on steam , [5thTX(Co.F)] Cpt. Buck, or look for us to enlist!

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    The 88th New York Infantry is now openly recruiting all those interested in the EU and NA!

    The 88th New York Infantry is a realism based unit that trains and plays regularly balancing realistic drills and formations while optimizing our gameplay so that is conducive to War of Rights. As the games comes closer to full release, they continually tailor their training to create a fun and realistic atmosphere. The 88th New York Infantry is one of the three units of the Irish Brigade and currently the only one striking the balance of realistic training and gameplay. Our training is led by a real life Civil War reenactor in addition to the 1st Sgt and leadership whom have years of experience in many other period based games.

    The 88th NY now has its own dedicated server and are now ready to do weekly events with events held every Saturday with the option of training on Wednesdays and Saturdays as well.

    New to the game, or the Civil War atmosphere? No worries! They provide all the training you will need! This friendly group of dedicated and mentoring staff is waiting to make the most of their unit, but can’t do so without your help!

    If this sounds appealing to you please sign up! You can be part of a unit with an amazing history from 1861 to 1865 and now you can help us make our mark in War of Rights!

    The 88th New York Infantry, currently focusing on Company A, first mustered in 1861. Now set in the time period of 1862, during the Maryland Campaign of the American Civil War. As a unit we have scaled down the sizes to correspond with the current restrictions of gameplay.

    We are currently on TeamSpeak and Steam with a dedicated in game server, while our forums are being constructed.

    We welcome all newcomers, provided you are willing to have fun and are a team player.

    To join, please sign up through the Company Tool and then you either make an application via our thread here:
    or you can send the following to:
    Realism/WoR name:
    Link to steam profile:
    Past experience:
    Reason why you want to join (Optional):
    Referred by (Optional):
    1st Sergeant Colman O’Reilly ( or
    Sergeant Alexander Bache (

    We can be reached through our teamspeak server: or if offline send us a message on steam or email with the following information:

    We will be in touch with you shortly. Thank you for considering the 88th New York!

    -The 88thNY Staff
    1st Sergeant Colman O'Reilly
    88th New York Infantry Regiment - Company A
    1st Platoon
    Platoon Staff
    Platoon XO

    Contact Information:

    Join the 88th Today!

    Recruitment - 88th New York - Company A Thread
    Teamspeak -
    Steam Group - 88th New York - Company A

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