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Thread: Looking for a company/members.

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    5th Texas Company F is now recruiting! We need all able bodied men to join and take arms against the Yankee scum! Join the discord to talk to us, add me on steam , [5thTX(Co.F)] Cpt. Buck, or look for us to enlist!

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    The 88th New York Infantry is now openly recruiting all those interested in the EU and NA!

    The 88th New York Infantry is a realism based unit that trains and plays regularly balancing realistic drills and formations while optimizing our gameplay so that is conducive to War of Rights. As the games comes closer to full release, they continually tailor their training to create a fun and realistic atmosphere. The 88th New York Infantry is one of the three units of the Irish Brigade and currently the only one striking the balance of realistic training and gameplay. Our training is led by a real life Civil War reenactor in addition to the 1st Sgt and leadership whom have years of experience in many other period based games.

    The 88th NY now has its own dedicated server and are now ready to do weekly events with events held every Saturday with the option of training on Wednesdays and Saturdays as well.

    New to the game, or the Civil War atmosphere? No worries! They provide all the training you will need! This friendly group of dedicated and mentoring staff is waiting to make the most of their unit, but can’t do so without your help!

    If this sounds appealing to you please sign up! You can be part of a unit with an amazing history from 1861 to 1865 and now you can help us make our mark in War of Rights!

    The 88th New York Infantry, currently focusing on Company A, first mustered in 1861. Now set in the time period of 1862, during the Maryland Campaign of the American Civil War. As a unit we have scaled down the sizes to correspond with the current restrictions of gameplay.

    We are currently on TeamSpeak and Steam with a dedicated in game server, while our forums are being constructed.

    We welcome all newcomers, provided you are willing to have fun and are a team player.

    To join, please sign up through the Company Tool and then you either make an application via our thread here:
    or you can send the following to:
    Realism/WoR name:
    Link to steam profile:
    Past experience:
    Reason why you want to join (Optional):
    Referred by (Optional):
    1st Sergeant Colman O’Reilly ( or
    Sergeant Alexander Bache (

    We can be reached through our teamspeak server: or if offline send us a message on steam or email with the following information:

    We will be in touch with you shortly. Thank you for considering the 88th New York!

    -The 88thNY Staff
    1st Sergeant Colman O'Reilly
    88th New York Infantry Regiment - Company A
    1st Platoon
    Platoon Staff
    Platoon XO

    Contact Information:

    Join the 88th Today!

    Recruitment - 88th New York - Company A Thread
    Teamspeak -
    Steam Group - 88th New York - Company A

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    Forum page:

    Steam Group:

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    The 9th NY has their drill tonight at 8PM EDT! Join join us on the 9th Corp Training Server!

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    Join the Richmond Howitzers Battalion today!

    An elite battalion, the Howitzers served with distinction from 1st Manassas to Appomattox during the Civil War, and are still active as the 111th Field Artillery in the Virginia National Guard.

    Apply here!


    Artillery enthusiasts! Eventually we will get working artillery pieces

    Richmond Howitzers, 1st Company
    Commanding Officer: Capt. E. S. McCarthy
    2 10-pdr. Parrott
    2 6-pdr. Gun

    Richmond Howitzers, 2nd Company
    Commanding Officer: Capt. D. Watson
    2 10-pdr. Parrott
    1 12-pdr. Howitzer
    1 6-pdr. Wiard Rifle with Hotchkiss shells

    Richmond Howitzers, 3rd Company
    Commanding Officer: Capt. Benjamin H. Smith, Jr.
    2 10-pdr. Parrott
    2 12-pdr. howitzer

    10 pdr. Parrott Rifle

    Type: Rifled gun
    Rarity: Common
    Years of Manufacture: Between 1861 and 1865
    Tube Composition: Cast Iron, Wrought Iron Breech Band
    Bore Diameter: 2.9 inches (Model 1861); 3.0 inches (Model 1863)
    Rifling Type (US): 3 grooves, right hand gain twist
    Rifling Type (CS): 3 groves right hand twist, or 12 grooves left hand twist
    Standard Powder Charge: 1 lb. Black Powder
    Projectiles: 10 lb. solid bolt, case, common shell, cannister
    Effective Range (at 5°): up to 1,900 yards (1.1 miles)
    Projectile Flight Time (at 5°): about 8 seconds
    Max Range (at 35°): 5,000 yards (2.8 miles)
    Projectile Flight Time (at 35°): about 21 seconds
    Tube Length: 78 inches (US); 81 inches (CS)
    Tube Weight: 890 lbs. (US); 1,150 lbs. (CS)
    Total Weight (Gun & Carriage): 1,800 lbs. (US); 2,060 lbs. (CS)
    Carriage Type: No. 1 Field Carriage (900 lbs.), 57" wheels
    Horses Required to Pull: 6
    No. in North America: approx. 630
    Cost in 1862 Dollars: $180 (US); $ 300 (CS)
    Cost in 1865 Dollars: $187 (US); $3,000 (CS)
    Invented By: Robert Parker Parrott in 1860
    US Casting Foundry: West Point Foundry, Cold Springs, NY
    CS Casting Foundry: Tredegar Iron Works, Richmond, VA
    Special Notes: Easy to Manufacture, Inexpensive, Reliable, and Accurate to Shoot

    One famous U.S. inventor was a former West Point graduate and ordnance officer named Robert Parker Parrott.

    Robert Parker Parrott In 1836, Parrott resigned his rank of captain and went to work for the West Point Foundry at Cold Spring, New York. This foundry was a civilian operated business and Parrott, as a superintendent, was able to dedicate some forty years perfecting a rifled cannon and a companion projectile. By 1860, he had patented a new method of attaching the reinforcing band on the breech of a gun tube. Although he was not the first to attach a band to a tube, he was the first to use a method of rotating the tube while slipping the band on hot. This rotation, while cooling, caused the band to attach itself in place uniformly rather than in one or two places as was the common method, which allowed the band to sag in place. The 10-pounder Parrott was patented in 1861 and the 20- and 30-pounder guns followed in 1861. He quickly followed up these patents by producing 6.4-, 8-, and 10-inch caliber cannons early in the war. The Army referred to these as 100, 200, and 300-pounder Parrotts respectively. By the end of the conflict the Parrott gun was being used extensively in both armies

    6-pdr. Gun

    Type: Smoothbore gun
    Rarity: Common to Uncommon
    Years of Manufacture: 1841 to 1863
    Tube Composition: Bronze or cast iron
    Bore Diameter: 3.67 inches
    Standard Powder Charge: 1.25 lbs.
    Projectiles: Solid shot (6.1 lb), spherical case, common shell, and cannister
    Effective Range (at 5°): up to 1,523 yards
    Tube Length: 60 inches
    Tube Weight: 884 lbs.
    Carriage Type: No. 1 Field Carriage (900 lbs.), 57" wheels
    Horses Required to Pull: 6
    No. in North America: approx. 700
    Special Notes: Workhorse of Mexican War, but considered obsolete by Civil War

    Model 1841 6-pounder Gun
    This popular workhorse of the Mexican War era was regarded as superseded by the Union artillery, but was still heavily employed by a Confederate army that could not afford to pass up any opportunities.

    6 pdr. Wiard Rifle

    Type: Rifled gun
    Rarity: Rare
    Years of Manufacture: Between 1861 and 1862
    Tube Composition: Puddled wrought-iron (semi-steel)
    Bore Diameter: 2.6 inches
    Rifling Type: 8 grooves, left hand twist
    Standard Powder Charge: 0.75 lbs. Black Powder
    Projectiles: 6 lb. Hotchkiss bolt
    Effective Range (at 35°): 7,000 yards
    Tube Length: 53 inches
    Tube Weight: 725 lbs.
    Carriage Type: Wiard Field Carriage
    No. in North America: about 60
    Invented By: Norman Wiard


    Type: Howitzer
    Rarity: Uncommon to Rare
    Years of Manufacture: 1841 to 1863
    Tube Composition: Bronze
    Bore Diameter: 4.62 inches
    Standard Powder Charge: 1 lb.
    Projectiles: 8.9 lb. round balls
    Effective Range (at 5°): 1072 yards
    Tube Length: 53 inches
    Tube Weight: 788 lbs.
    Carriage Type: No. 1 Field Carriage (900 lbs.), 57" wheels
    Horses Required to Pull: 6

    Richmond Howitzers History

    George Wythe Randolph, the first captain of the Richmond Howitzers, was born in 1818 at Monticello, the home of his maternal grandfather, Thomas Jefferson. Randolph was appointed a midshipman at the age of thirteen, and served in the navy for six years. Afterwards he studied law at the University of Virginia, and in 1850 moved to Richmond to practice his profession. He conceived the idea of the "Howitzer Battery", which began organization on November 9, 1859, himself as captain and Gaston Otey as First Sergeant.

    The Richmond Howitzers grew into a battalion of three companies by May 1861. The original company, reorganized on May 8 with the election of Captain John C. Shields, was thereafter known as the 1st Company. In November 1861 Captain Shields was promoted to Lt. Colonel and transferred, to be replaced by Lt. Wm. Palmer. In March of 1862 Captain Palmer, who desired to go into army medical service, was replaced by 1st. Lt. Edward McCarthy.

    An elite unit, the Howitzers served with distinction. The 1st Company Richmond Howitzers, a four-gun battery, participated at First Manassas, the Peninsular Campaign, Seven Pines, the Seven Days' Battles, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, the Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, and the retreat from Richmond to Appomattox.

    At Gettysburg, on July 2, 1863, its two rifled guns expended 200 rounds of ammunition in less than two hours at Devil's Den, and the next day, one piece alone expended 300 rounds in support of Pickett's Charge. The battery saw its commander, Edward S. McCarthy, killed at Cold Harbor; felled instantly by a sharpshooter’s minie ball.

    The book: "Four Years Under Marse Robert," by Major Robert Stiles of Cabell's Batallion offers these observations of the Richmond Howitzers:

    "The composition of the three companies was very similar; that is, all of them were made up largely of young business men and clerks of the highest grade and best character from the city of Richmond, but included also a number of country boys, for the most part of excellent families, with a very considerable infusion of college-bred men, for it was strikingly true that in 1861 the flower of our educated youth gravitated toward the artillery. The outcome was something quite unparalleled, so far as I know. It is safe to say that no less than one hundred men were commissioned from the corps during the war, and these of every rank from a Secretary of War down to a second lieutenant."

    "Few things have ever impressed me as did the intellectual and moral character of the men who composed the circle I entered the day our guide led my brother and myself to the Howitzer Camp. I had lived for years at the North, had graduated recently at Yale, and had but just entered upon the study of law in the city of New York, when the war began... To my surprise and delight, around the camp fires of the First Company, Richmond Howitzers, I found throbbing an intellectual life as high and brilliant and intense as any I had ever known."

    Time Line:
    November 9, 1859 - George Wythe Randolph founds the Richmond Howitzers, a light artillery unit, and is elected captain. The Howitzers march to Charles Town to help guard John Brown during his trial and subsequent execution.

    1860 - The Richmond Howitzers become Company H, 1st Virginia Volunteer Regiment.

    May 3–9, 1861 - Three companies organize as the Richmond Howitzer Battalion and are mustered into Confederate service.

    September 13, 1861 - The 2nd and 3rd companies, Richmond Howitzers, become a part of the 1st Virginia Artillery Regiment.

    April 9, 1865 - The 1st Company, Richmond Howitzers, disbands near Red Oak Church, and the 2nd and 3rd companies surrender with the Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox Court House.

    April 10, 1871 - The Richmond Howitzers reorganize as a light artillery company of the Virginia militia.

    1917–1918 - The Richmond Howitzers serve as Company A, 111th Field Artillery Regiment, during World War I.

    February 3, 1941 - The Richmond Howitzers enter federal service as a part of the 111th Field Artillery Regiment in the 29th Infantry Division.

    1942–1945 - The Richmond Howitzers serve as Battery A, 111th Field Artillery Regiment, during World War II.

    1972 - The Richmond Howitzers become Battery A, 111th Field Artillery Regiment, in the Virginia National Guard.

    Monument of the Richmond Howitzers

    Apply here!  685
    I-Corp 2nd Brigade

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    Le 6e d'infanterie de Louisiane, sous la direction du Major-général Paioletti, est devenu l'un des plus grandes et le plus active dans le jeux War Of RIghts, et aussi l'une des plus respectés sur le champ de bataille. Des attaquants implacables, le sixième de Louisiane, défenseurs et tenaces de l'Infanterie de la Louisiane ont gagné le surnom, "les tigres."

    Nous avons besoin maintenant, des soldats francophones pour combler notre deuxième section de compagnie B. C'est la seule unité française dans war of rights et cela est à 100 % vrai dans l’histoire de cette unité de Louisiane.

    La plus grande et la plus cosmopolite du pays dans les états confédérés était la Nouvelle Orléans, en Louisiane. Compte tenu de son port animé, débordant avec des exportations de coton, "roi", et de la canne à sucre, du tabac et de la riche histoire de l'état français et de l'occupation espagnole, lorsque la Confédération a lancé un appel aux volontaires pour défendre le pays contre l'invasion du Nord, les personnes nées au Canada d’origine française, italiens, irlandais, Allemands, et créoles se sont ralliés à leur pays d'adoption. Le sixième d'infanterie de Louisiane, bientôt connu sous le nom de "Tigres", avait plus de deux cent cinquante nationalités sur son étandar.

    Contactez le Capitaine. Cleburne

    Cpt. Cleburne

    Attention! French-speaking soldiers needed!

    The Sixth Louisiana Infantry, under the leadership of Maj. Gen. Paioletti, has become one of the largest and most active units in the War of Rights community, and also one of the most respected on the field of battle. Unrelenting attackers, bitterly tenacious defenders, the Sixth Louisiana Infantry have earned the nickname, “Tigers.”

    We are now calling for French-speaking soldiers to fill our SECOND PLATOON of Company B. This is the only French unit in the War of Rights community and it is 100% historically correct for the Louisiana Brigade.

    The largest and most ethnically diverse city in the Confederate States was New Orleans, Louisiana. Given its bustling port, overflowing with exports of “King Cotton,” tobacco, and sugarcane, and the state’s rich history of both French and Spanish occupation, when the Confederacy called for volunteers to defend the country against Northern invasion, entire companies of native born French, Italians, Irish, Germans, and Creoles rallied to their adopted country’s flag. The Sixth Louisiana Infantry, soon known as the “Tigers”, had over two hundred and fifty nationalities on its muster roll.

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    Captain P. Clebrune
    Commander of
    Company F "French Legion"

    In 6th Louisana Tiger Batallion

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    I am from North Carolina, looking for a good company. Former 6th Louisiana Sergeant, Quartermaster Sergeant.
    D. Carter, North Carolina
    Founder of Complete Chaos Gaming Organization

    Private John Autry - 2nd NC Light Battery Company C
    Sergeant Daniel Autry - 20th NC Infantry Company I
    Private Amos Ammons - 53rd VA Infantry (Unknown company)
    Private Alpheus Ammons - 20th VA Cavalry (Maybe Company A, died in battle, Fisher Hill)
    Private Daniel J. Ammons (DJ) - 51st NC Company K
    Private Reason Ammons - 20th VA Cavalry Company A

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    Quote Originally Posted by Easty View Post
    I am from North Carolina, looking for a good company. Former 6th Louisiana Sergeant, Quartermaster Sergeant.
    1st Texas Company F is always looking for new members! We have a large contingent of tarheels in our ranks with our very own 2nd Lt being one! If you want to talk more, add me on steam! [1stTX.F] 1stLt. Saris
    Texas Poppin B
    My Youtube:

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