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Thread: Looking for a company/members.

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    Just backed today, haven't even played a game yet but looking for a regiment. Migrating over from M&B, and the clusterf*** that is becoming Holdfast.

    EST Time zone, typical playtime is between 10PM to 1-2AM. I do have two little kids, so looking for a little more relaxed structure when it comes to attendance and having to step AFK for a minute or two. South or North, no preference really.

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    sent you a PM
    Welcome to the game!

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    Just backed the game. Looking to make a European company
    Mix between a French / German and other EU guys.

    Coppens (First Louisiana Zouaves) Battalion Co. F

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    !!!Enlist today!!!

    Join the 20th New York Volunteers to fight the Traitors!!!
    The 20th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment or 'Turner Rifles'
    is a English and German speaking historical accurate Regiment.
    Click here to view our Thread.
    or directly add

    Captain von Platen


    Sergeant Fritz Born

    on Steam.

    See you on the Battlefield gents!!!

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    TO ARMS!
    The 5th Louisiana Infantry - Company A, the Crescent city Guards are looking for new recruits to fill their ranks!
    If you think you've got what it takes, our recruitment headquarters are located at:

    Captain, Henry Forno

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    In Maryland State Near to both Antietam and Gettysburg, Harper's Ferry et al.

    click it!

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    About the 42nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment

    The 42nd Pennsylvania, 2nd Battalion, Co. E and Co. F, are a battalion of infantry that aim to be a well trained and disciplined, realism unit for the up and coming game War of Rights. We aim to have 1 or 2 events a week on the weekends as well as 1 training session, resulting in a maximum commitment of 3 events a week. The company plans on playing as both line and sharpshooter due to the regiment being armed with the Sharps Rifles and also due to them repeatedly throwing the rule book out the window. The Officers of the battalion hold a pool of knowledge and skills whilst the NCOs walk down their own path of specialization to create a team able to train men in all forms of combat. Men are recruited from all across the community with a wide range of different abilities; all are welcome in the 42nd Pennsylvania as long as you keep to the rules. The 42nd Pennsylvania aims to become a well-respected Battalion and hopes to join in the community with a blast.

    Enlisting with the 42nd

    If you are interested in enlisting with the 42nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment then click the poster above to fill out our application document.

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    Recruits are wanted for the 1st Texas Infantry Regiment!
    Any player looking for a group with teamwork and aggressive style of gameplay look no further!

    Company List:
    Company A
    Company B
    Company E
    Company F

    Company H

    Videos of 1st Texas In action!

    Texas Poppin B
    My Youtube:

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