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Thread: Looking for a company/members.

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    Just backed today, haven't even played a game yet but looking for a regiment. Migrating over from M&B, and the clusterf*** that is becoming Holdfast.

    EST Time zone, typical playtime is between 10PM to 1-2AM. I do have two little kids, so looking for a little more relaxed structure when it comes to attendance and having to step AFK for a minute or two. South or North, no preference really.

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    sent you a PM
    Welcome to the game!  086
    “both sides were well whipped.”
    A survivor of the 3rd Alabama describes the action in the Sunken Road

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    Just backed the game. Looking to make a European company
    Mix between a French / German and other EU guys.

    Coppens (First Louisiana Zouaves) Battalion Co. F

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    !!!Enlist today!!!

    Join the 20th New York Volunteers to fight the Traitors!!!
    The 20th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment or 'Turner Rifles'
    is a English and German speaking historical accurate Regiment.
    Click here to view our Thread.
    or directly add

    Captain von Platen


    Sergeant Fritz Born

    on Steam.

    See you on the Battlefield gents!!!

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    TO ARMS!
    The 5th Louisiana Infantry - Company A, the Crescent city Guards are looking for new recruits to fill their ranks!
    If you think you've got what it takes, our recruitment headquarters are located at:

    Captain, Henry Forno

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    click it!

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