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Thread: Looking for a company/members.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bravescot View Post
    Thanks for the sticky, Scot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diversey View Post
    Thanks for the sticky, Scot
    No worries man

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    The 21St Mississippi companies I and G are recruitment those who wish to play in a unit within the EU time zone or with on occasion our brother companies in the us.
    The EU companies form the first battalion of the regiment :-)

    enlist today and get a free sword.
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    Enlist in one of the many brave companies of the 21st Mississippi - 1st Battalion : Co. A (NA Line Infantry), Co. D (NA Line Infantry), Co. E (NA/EU/AU/NZ Sharpshooters). 2nd Battalion : Co. G (EU Line Infantry) & Co. I (EU Line Infantry)

    At the Moment we are participating in Mount & Blade : Napoleonic Wars DLC with the North and South mod RP events and we will start attending/hosting events for WoR once it is released.
    We have our own 100 slot Teampeak Server as well as a 200 slot in game server for North and South (NaS) and another 200 slot server for Napoleonic Wars (NW)

    We are working on recruitment and training to get ready for War of Rights. All of our companies are recruiting right now. (See threads below)

    Feel free to add and message any of our CO's on steam!
    Captain Beng/Lee Co. A :
    Captain JewTang Co. D :
    Major Tet/Rex Co. E :
    Captain SemajRednaxela/Jack :
    Captain Challis/Mark Co. I :

    Company A Thread Link :
    Company D Thread Link :
    Company E Thread Link :
    Company G Thread Link :
    Company I Thread Link :
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    Captain Benjamin J. West of the 21st Mississippi Infantry, 1st Battalion,
    Co. D Jeff Davis Guards

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    Alicante, Spain
    If you want to speak spanish, this is your company
    We have gumbo and zydeco
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    Join the 10th Louisiana company G, Orleans Rangers
    The Spanish speakers company
    Con un par

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    88th PA Company A and 1st PA battery A company B are recruiting able bodied men to for the Union. Contact me via steam or through my through link.

    Thread Link-

    Steam Contact-

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    Join the 27th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Company A

    Join the 27th today we need men who are willing to be active and have fun
    Our Company is focused on both realistic/roleplay battles with fun mixed in whenever possible
    To enlist contact an officer within the regiment or email me at
    From there another officer or myself will provide you with the communications info
    The 27th were known for thier loses, we plan to make them known for thier kills
    Enlist now for dixie
    CSA Recruitment Poster.jpg

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    43rd North Carolina Infantry, Company A is recruiting (only for hungarian players):
    Csatlakozz az első magyar gyalogos századba! Célunk baráti, ám egyben fegyelmezett csapatot alkotni. A század élén tapasztalt, türelmes tisztek állnak. Ha felkeltettem érdeklődésed és megfelelsz a feltételeknek, akkor ne habozz, keress fel steam-en vagy töltsd ki a jelentkezési lapot a század fórumposztjában található minta alapján és küldd el privát üzenetben vagy a poszt alá válasz formában. További információkat a itt találsz.

    Steam csoport
    Captain of 46th North Carolina Infantry, Company A.

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    2nd Regiment South Carolina Infantry (2nd Palmetto Regiment) Company C "Columbia Grays"

    I'm a reenactor who has trained and drilled in Hardee's Tactics. I even have a copy. I've personally done the maneuvers and I have personally fired live rounds from an 1853 .58 Enfield Rifled Musket. I'm also a bugler versed in bugle calls.

    I've smelled the smells, slept in the tents and woke up covered in frost, warmed myself at a camp fire, felt the rifle kick against my shoulder, done the Rebel Yell, charged the Yankees, done the marching, worn the gear, stacked the rifles (Kentucky swing of course): I've seen the elephant!

    You'll be no more authentic than if you follow me in my company!

    If you want to be led by someone with real life experience, follow me to the battle lines!

    Come boys, Come!
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    Col. Hatcher
    Adjutant, Drayton's Brigade

    In Memoriam of my Confederate Ancestors:

    Lt. General Nathan Bedford Forrest, Major William H. Forrest, Lt. Col. Aaron Forrest, Col. Jeffrey Forrest, Lt. Col. Jesse Forrest, Captain James M. Cathey, Harrison Haynes, Harper Haynes, Jopseh Martin, William G. Hatcher, John A. Hatcher, John J. Hatcher, D. Wesley Hatcher, James L. Hatcher

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    Lives in the North, Supports the South. THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN

    II Corps First Division

    The Irish Brigade strives for historical accuracy, most Officer, NCO, and Enlisted names are from company enlistment rolls. Despite this we still attempt to be a fun and informal brigade. It is just a group of companies that work together, we do not take command of it in anyway ( Company COs are the highest ranking, unless formations specify otherwise ) a teamspeak 3 central server is provided, though not required to use. Companies are permitted and even encouraged to join together as Battalions ( Smaller then a regiment ) Artillery Brigades or even Cavalry Troops. That though is the choice of all companies that would be affected by this. By doing this they may also choose a representative for the Brigade Staff. In most cases this individual would become a Major and represent the group as a whole during staff meetings. But as stated before, we in no way want to take control of something that takes time and effort to build up. As we know the struggle it takes to form a company of a decent number. Even if you are not an Irish regiment, you are still more then welcome to join, as we don't have any bias (Ok, maybe a little )

    Our sister brigade, Brooke's Brigade (Second Brigade) follows the same concept and is still open to anyone that applies.

    *How To Enroll Your Company*

    1. Add the brigade organizer on steam

    2. Fill out this form and send it to the Brigade Organizer:
    1. Company Name and Nationality:
    2. Company CO Steam Link:
    3. Class:
    4: Company Numbers:
    5: Brigade Requested:

    Fight With The Zouaves!

    5th New York Volunteer Infantry "Duryee's Zouaves" Co A

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