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Thread: ♦ The German Volunteers [EU/NA] ♦

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    Welcome to our newest company: 2nd Wisconsin Company A!

    We are happy to have you in our community!  02

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    To one and all this fair Yuletide! Hail the blest morn!
    As our guns are put to rest and weary feet allowed but a moment's repose, may we reflect upon a fruitful and enterprising year.
    On behalf of the 8th Virginia Company 'H', I would beseech many warm blessings and a Merry Christmas upon both the Blue and Grey.

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    Company G - 2nd Maine Infantry "Bangor Tigers"

    Company Commander: Captain M. Smith

    New Staff

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    Thread Update !

    Welcome to the Legion Staff
    - 2nd in Command of the TGV, Staff Officer Lt Col Hinkel
    - Staff Office 2nd Lt Martin Smith

    Welcome and have a good time here !

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    a new company is added
    New Legion roles and members
    New line after regular election

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    We at The German Volunteers Community wish the whole War of Rights community and the Devs a wonderful and relaxing Christmas and a happy new year.

    Col. H. Richter
    Legion Command
    Community command
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    Screenshots from the TGV Batalion Drill

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    Quote Originally Posted by LtCol. Williams View Post
    Cool Boys Good job

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