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    Forum Rules

    Forum Rules

    Campfire Games reserves its right to act on the breaking of any of the following rules with appropriate and adequate force to insure that the War of Rights forum remains a civil and friendly environment for all users. Anything that is not explicitly mentioned in this document but is deemed as inappropriate in normal culture is not allowed. Use your conscience when posting. Any attempt to exploit any loopholes you may come across in these rules will not be permitted.

    • Derogatory language based on a user’s race, religion, sexuality, nationality, gender, political ideas etc.
      Hateful language of any sort is not acceptable. If you make a post, keep in mind that this community contains people from all around the world. What you deem as normal or even funny does not necessarily mean that it will be normal or funny to someone else. Be polite, respectful and mindful when posting.

      There is a zero-tolerance policy towards prejudice speech.

      Includes any links to material outside of the War of Rights forum. You will be held accountable for anything you link and its content.

      Images or content aimed at glorifying National-Socialism are especially forbidden: Campfire Games does not wish to contravene Germany's strict policies in regards to Strafgesetzbuch section 86a and thus requests that its users adhere to this policy as part of the terms of service agreement.

    • Spamming
      Making unnecessary posts with no valuable content will be regarded as breaking the forum rules and will be punished accordingly. Try to avoid double posting wherever possible. If you want to add something to your post, please edit it. Do not make a new one. This includes posting the same thread in different sections of the forum.

      Posting content such as off-topic image macros or GIFs can also constitute spamming.

    • Excessive bumping
      Bumping is only acceptable when a thread has been inactive for five or more days, or when you ask a question and it has gone unanswered for three or more days. Do not however include the word “bump” or any variation of the word in your post and even worse just the word "bump" alone.

    • Attacking and insulting other forum users, sending insulting private messages etc.
      This is rather self explanatory. Do not post or send a private message that aim to be insulting, rude, aggressive etc. to any members of the forum.

    • Attempting to derail a thread’s topic
      Each thread is made for a reason. The only user who can change the thread’s topic is the original poster. Any threads that stray too far away from the original topic can have any off-topic posts deleted by moderators.

    • Openly arguing about a moderator’s decision
      Moderators take time and consideration when doing anything on the forum, however if you feel that a moderator has made an incorrect decision or is abusing his/her powers, do not take it to the public forum. You can:

      1. Send a private message to any moderator and respectfully attempt to address the issue. Do not aggravate them.
      2. If your private message has not received a reply within three days, feel free to report the moderator’s post.
      3. Do not go directly to an Admin if you feel a moderator is out of line. First try and resolve it with the moderator in a mature manner.

      The admin team gives the moderators their full support in their actions and you will get nowhere complaining to them first.

    • Reposting closed, modified, or deleted content
      If a post or thread has been closed, modified, or deleted, it was done so with good reason. Do not attempt to repost said material or try and post the same basic idea just spun slightly differently.

    • Inappropriate content
      Pornographic or violent images will be removed and the user who posted such images will be punished immediately. This type of content includes pornography, gore and overly-violent, or disturbing images.

      Screamer links are also banned.

    • Copyrighted content
      Any links or threads discussing piracy, serial key generators, hacks, cracks, or theft will not be tolerated

    • Unwarranted posts
      Do not post messages on behalf of banned users.

      Do not post images, chat logs, PMs etc. of other users without their explicit permission.


    Moderators will take appropriate actions depending on the situation. Minor rule breaking will not result in an instant ban. Moderators will work with rulebreakers on a specific case-by-case basis.
    Moderators will attempt to treat all rule breaks the same, be they a backer or non-backer.

    Pledging does not give diplomatic immunity and using it as an excuse to avoid punishment may be treated more severely.

    Civil debates are allowed however if moderators sense a debate thread is getting out of control, it WILL be shut down.

    Accumulating three similar infractions can and may result in a ban from the forums

    Feel free to contact any moderators with questions or concerns.

    Campfire Games reserves its right to edit these rules as it see fit.

    These rules were written and formatted by Rithal and Bravescot
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