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Thread: Gatling guns?

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    Gatling guns would suck. I would rather they work on adding other campaigns to add to the game.
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    I am a huge gun nut and fan of War of Rights. I do not want any semi-automatic weapons in the game. I would love to see mods adding them in it, sure, but just having them in the game would completely destroy the immersion. I have guns, love how they work, love them in other games as well. But not in a historical game where it would not make any sense at all. I don’t want to brag, but I own a 9mm Glock. If someone is interested, I restock here at Guns are great, but not all guns fit in every game and every situation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hinkel View Post
    Most likely. But non of those campaigns saw the Gatling Gun in action.

    The only reported use was during the Petersburg Siege in 1864. 2 single Gatling Guns were used in the war.
    Which is ironic since we had a gatling gun similar weapon way before and it was designed for the queens army back in the Revolutionary War.

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    I dunno if gatling guns would be a good idea. I can already picture an entire game where the receiving end of the gatling gun can do nothing except hide behind defilade for 40 minutes.

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