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Thread: War of Rights - Patch Notes

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    Quote Originally Posted by rbsmith7 View Post
    Player driven artillery?
    No, it is similar to the artillery on Antietam.

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    Lookin fantastic! 5th Alabama Btl finally entering the field )

    “Any people, anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable, a most sacred right, a right which we hope and believe is to liberate the world”.
    Abraham Lincoln – U.S. Congress, 1847"

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    I am gonna try out the "reduced server crashes" thing for now. ) Thanks for the update gents!

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    May 15th - Update 109 Released!

    - Added the 5th skirmish area of Harpers Ferry: Harpers Graveyard. In this skirmish area, the Union are to defend the graveyard overlooking the rivers and cliff sides.

    Harpers_Graveyard_1.jpg Harpers_Graveyard_2.jpg Harpers_Graveyard_3.jpg

    - Drastically increased the sharpness of the image, resulting in much clearer graphics.
    - Increased the USA starting morale from 90 to 110 on Miller’s Cornfield and from 137 to 147 on Nicodemus Hill, Antietam.
    - When players take a direct artillery hit, their body will now explode, causing blood to land on the nearby environment with their remains falling to the ground.
    - Players that get killed by the artillery without their body exploding, will now get pushed away by the blast in the opposite direction of the explosion.
    - When players get hit by a bullet, there now is a chance for blood to fly out their back, possibly landing on the walls of nearby buildings, painting them red.
    - The blood landing on the ground when players die, is now a decal instead of a floating plane. It will now project onto the environment and have better shading.
    - Previously, you may have seen blood coming out of players without them dying. This was your client that thought the player had been hit, where on the server, the player hadnt actually been hit. These blood effects are now synced with the server and will only appear when players actually take a hit.
    - Artillery shells will no longer land inside the spawn areas.
    - When a confederate enters the capture zone on the River Crossing skirmish area of Harpers Ferry, the extra intense artillery will now cease until there no longer are any confederates in the capture zone, at which point the extra intense artillery will resume.
    - Made projectiles fired from weapons smaller to match their real life size.
    - For the players that have been unable to start the game, and recently started seeing the message "failed to parse project file. Please Contact the War Of Roghts Team". It is possible that the game may now be working for those players.
    - Improved the 3D model of the minie ball.
    - Fixed an issue where the camera would briefly do a very fast rotation when respawning.
    - Possible fix for a server crash.
    - Fixed a crash with the voice chat.
    - Possibly fixed the issue where you can briefly hear all players talking on a server, when joining.
    - Fixed the issue where the camera would sometimes detach from the player, flying at a very high speed outside of the terrain, causing you to only see the clouds.
    - Possibly fixed an issue where the ramrod and cartridge of a rifle, wasnt animated while reloading.
    - Added a new hairstyle.
    - Added gore models throughout the battlefields.
    - Added several new flags, one of them being the regimental flag of the 52nd NY was proudly gifted by The German Volunteers, thank you!
    - Several decal fixes on Harpers Ferry.
    - Fixed some doors rotating on the wrong axis.
    - Changed the light emission amount on the officer lines and drill camp icons to not blind players at night.
    - Added a hardpack knapsack version without a blanket roll.
    - Updates to the 1st Texas uniforms.
    - Added a new damaged shell jacket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fancy Sweetroll View Post
    - Added several new flags, one of them being the regimental flag of the 52nd NY was proudly gifted by The German Volunteers, thank you!
    Thank you for adding it. You make a lot of players happy  02

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    awesome, devs! Off to a server right now

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    Dare I say my joining server & faction crash appears fixed.... good job!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fancy Sweetroll View Post
    May 15th - Update 109 Released!
    - Added several new flags, one of them being the regimental flag of the 52nd NY was proudly gifted by The German Volunteers, thank you!
    What regiments got new flags? I've seen the 52nd NY flag and the North Carolina Flag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saris View Post
    What regiments got new flags? I've seen the 52nd NY flag and the North Carolina Flag.
    I'm wondering the same thing. I know my unit didn't get a new one, but hopefully that'll change

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    South Carolina regiments got the blue SC palm flag. Added the Stars and Bars flag to several CS regiments.

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