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Thread: War of Rights - Patch Notes

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    Does that also solve the problem of getting stabbed when they seem so far away? Just curious. Love the looks of this patch

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    Definitely had a less crashy and less desyncronized experience tonight.

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    Huge patch, but yet no real substance.... I must stop getting excited when I see these updates, its not good for my health.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vankovski View Post
    Definitely had a less crashy and less desyncronized experience tonight.
    Have to agree with this. Game seemed to run very smooth on my end. The no crashes were also enjoyed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josef Tišer View Post
    8th Florida Infantry would like to say thanks to the CG, for finally giving us the colors! Thanks from us all!
    For this flag, I followed the exact construction process and attempted to vector the writing on the designation tape. The writing was too faded but I think I've recreated it decently enough. What you've got is basically as authentic as it can be. My great-great-grandfather, his brother, and their brother-in-law served in the 8th Florida Infantry for the duration of the war, so I'm really happy to have their colors in-game. I believe this flag was captured at Gettysburg, ensuring the survival of the artifact.

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    I just released a new update/hotfix. It fixes additional occurences of players teleporting and let me just mention that these teleportation issues is not because of players hacking. Your client might think another player is walking where he in fact the player is running and thus the player wont be moving with the proper speed on your screen, causing the player to eventually teleport to the proper position.

    The update also fixes the issue where the InFormation Skirmishing and OutOfLine kills are not displayed at the victory screen.

    We have also in this update tried disabling one of the recent performance improvements in regards to animations to see if a particular animation crash stops occurring.

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    Experienced no crashes in a 3 hour play period after the update was pushed today. Good job!
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    April 19th - Update 149 Released!

    - Added segmented reloads to all rifles and smoothbore muskets. This means that when you cancel your reload, you will then be able to resume reloading from the logical step where the reload can be resumed. The current steps are, when the cartridge has been placed in the muzzle, when the cartridge has been rammed down, when the ramrod has been reseated and when the cap has been placed on the nipple. If the reload is cancelled while kneeling, you will be able to resume reloading from the correlating spot from a standing position and vice versa.
    - Fixed the admin panel often only displaying the close option when pressing E.
    - Fixed servers forgetting who was banned if the server is renamed.
    - Prevented the Last Stand desertion timer dissapearing for good if Final Push triggers while the Last Stand desertion timer is shown.
    - Made the weapons cast shadows.
    - Updated time of day.
    - Updated Dunker Church model.
    - Made various slight performance improvements to the environment.
    - Prevented player carried flags from casting shadows onto themselves and in the process, removing all subsurface scattering in the cloth.

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    Does this apply for breach loaders as well? Also it hasnít been brought up as I guess most people doesnít use them, the Sharps bayonet animation from the shoulder arms position is super rushed.

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